Thursday, May 15, 2014

Masturbation Freedom

Wow, I can't believe it's the middle of the month already. The time is flying by fast. I hope it's been a very satisfying celebration for you all so far. It certainly has for me. I even took my own advice the other evening. The wife was lying on the couch watching TV and, for whatever reason, my cock boned up good and solid. I stroked along it through my pants, then unbuttoned them to free my cock and jacked away. She glanced over once to see what I was groaning about and went back to her show. Until she heard me gasp as I started to cum. Then she watched me shoot out a fantastic load. It felt so fuckin' good!
And that's the kind of masturbation freedom we should all have.
But, I got off course there, didn't I? Because being the 15th of the month - if you're new around here - it is 
Buddy Ball Check Day
 So first things first, guys. Check those balls - look them over really well. They should be a bit malleable, spongy. They should be free of lumps.
If you note anything out of the ordinary, make that call to your doctor to get them checked by a professional! Done? Good. Now you can enjoy yourself and stroke one out.


Now, here's where the buddy part comes in. It is your DUTY to contact every other man you know via any method you have at your disposal to remind them to do that ball check! Hell, go check them yourself - it might be fun.





And, more importantly, you could save a life!


Your French Patrick said...

I love N°2, 3 & 8 (even if I wonder if you are in front or behind on this last one).
No ball check for me, except maybe if we happen to meet. If my meat meet your meat.
Have a great day, my dear friend, and a lot of bisous that I am going to send you very soon, I know not yet how but not via the mailman.

Queer Heaven said...

I sure would not mind checking the balls on #1 that is for sure!

AOM said...

Having someone watch is just so fuckin' HOT! It so great to have that FREEDOM! Thanks for such a good lesson and for our reminder. Regardless of gender, watching a man cum is always a magical moment we all stop and watch. Thanks for all you do, brother. Huggin' and Strokin' you in Spirit! AOM


Another great post! Thanks, Patrick

Anonymous said...

to bad your wife didn't finish for you even if she wasn't in the mood;( great sets of balls on your post today-maybe show them to your wife and she might help out;)))-bob

whkattk said...

@ bob - Eh, I would've declined her offer anyway... It was feeling so good...

whkattk said...

@ MFP - I would be in the back, reaching around for that handful. Mon cher, I wait impatiently for those bisous. I think, perhaps, the new delivery guy kept them for himself!

Xersex said...

#7 like a kiss
#12 may I clean up that mess?

O!Daddie now at said...

I'm all set for another month - wanna do QC on me just to make sure?