Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yes, It Counts

Well, some folks might question whether is belongs in the realm of masturbation, but I think it absolutely qualifies. Anytime you are sexually stimulating yourself is a form of masturbation. Yes, all you straight guys, even giving it a few strokes to harden it up enough to slide in,
or stroking to cum on her tits (or face)

is jacking off.

None-the-less, it sure feels good, right?

In my younger days, I was quite capable. One military buddy told me if he could do it, he'd never leave the house! Was he jealous? Probably. But it takes some work to get limber enough. So, if you can manage this, enjoy it for all it's worth. You've earned it.



And know that it still counts.





Queer Heaven said...

If only!!!!

Ben said...

Never been supple enough to be able to do it. So envious of guys who can. I think I agree with your military friend: why go out when you can stay in and suck yourself :-) ?!

Your French Patrick said...

Lol, I understood your comment as soon as I saw the first photo, but I see on your selfies that you are still very flexible on the contrary of what you said.
I like the photo N° 14.
I prefer the label "auto-fellatio" rather that the label "self-sucking". As regards the first one, even if somebody hitchhikes (auto-stop in French), there will remain the fellatio, while I do not like the initials SS of the second.
Have a great day, my dear friend, and as much bisous as you want.
Postscript: For pity's sake, don't tell me that you prefer the auto-bisous or self-bisous!!!

Anonymous said...

Never been able to fellate myself, so I can't answer the question this poses. Many jackers say that having another (skilled) person jack you is better than doing it yourself. So wouldn't being fellated by another (skilled) person be a whole lot better than doing it yourself?



Never could! Too late now! Great post again. Patrick

AOM said...

I agree. Self-sucking is a way of masturbating. I've never been limber enough, I've tried MANY times. Quite comical! LOL Sure wish I could. Good for you that you could enjoy an added bonus for your boner. YUM! Have a beautiful day, brother. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Xersex said...

I can't self sucking myself and mydick! If only could, I did! and for sure it'd be a second masturbation!

Your French Patrick said...

@ AOM: "Masturbation" is the same word with the same meaning in French and in English. It comes from the Latin "manus" which means "hand" and from "turbare" which means "shake". If "Self-sucking is a way of masturbating" that is true for sucking too. And why not for all which provokes frictions or shocks which stimulate our sex and provoke its éjaculation. Fucking included. This idea pleases me but we are far from the very precise and very limited meaning which results from the etymology of the word masturbation.
Bisou, my dear friend.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, I would never prefer auto- or self-bisous! I would miss getting them from you too, too much!

whkattk said...

@ Eddie - Yeah, that makes sense except for those times when you simply want to kick back and create the sensations you want, when you want them, without having to ask or without someone else having to interpret your responses to their ministrations.

Anonymous said...

your right! i wish i could suck my cock and swallow between cumming in wifes pussy or beat off in restrooms;)) i tried laying and bending and shooting into my mouth but made a mess;) did get a good wad in my mouth,very warm and slimy-spit it out;( after i cum im not as brave:)))

whkattk said...

@ Anon - You are pretty normal in that - for most men, once we've cum, the thought of shooting and swallowing our own jizz no longer seems "hot." It is only at the height of our ecstasy that it seems enticing. So don't feel bad!