Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Satisfaction guaranteed." - Atlanta Rhythm Section. The song Imaginary Lover, sadly now considered an "oldie," is a serious song about masturbation; it doesn't ridicule the practice, it empowers it. It's a favorite of mine. Give it a listen and you'll understand.
"It's my private pleasure, midnight fantasy." Fantasy plays a large role in masturbation because we can imagine anyone doing anything that turns our cocks into solid steel poles to further our enjoyment and enhance our satisfaction when we blast that geyser of jizz.
And, it is all about satisfaction. Satisfying that urge to caress our cocks, play with our aching nuts, the need to get off a load. When we've cum, we should feel a sense of gratification, a sense of calm and peace; we should feel good. 
And feel good about ourselves.
So, go for it. Kick back, take your time. Imagine whomever you wish is between your legs, lapping at your balls, gently sucking your cock, lovingly stroking it - or whatever it is you like. Make it last, enjoy it for all it's worth when you finally shoot that load of cum. 

Maybe watch some good porn and imagine you are the guy in the scene if that's what you want to do.



Then lie there and revel in the sensations.





O!Daddie now at said...

Nectar for the gods !!

Your French Patrick said...

LOL, my dear friend, what are the exact clauses of the guarantee? The refund of what we did not pay in case we would be dissatisfied?
I tease you, but you are right: this song should replace all the national hymns, at least during May and at least at midnight.
Have a great day, my dear Pat, and I send you a lot of bisous of which I hope that they will reach you at the designated time point of midnight, while you will masturbate.
By the way, the mailman which makes these deliveries is he a handsome boy?
You understand, I hope that when you wait for my bisous it is for themselves and not to have an opportunity to see again the mailman.

Anonymous said...

beautiful treasure trails mixed with great cumshots mixed in;0......

Queer Heaven said...

The look on the last guy's face...says it all!


Great post and advice!

Xersex said...

the only disappointment is that when I masturbate, if I have the lustful fantasy to swallow my own sperm after my orgasm, after squirted load, my libido completely collapses and I do not. does it happen to you too?

whkattk said...

@ Xresex - That is totally, completely, and utterly common. Many, many men have the same thoughts to swallow their own cum as they are jacking off and yet, when they shoot, they do not do it. Quite common!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami! the mailman is absolutely gorgeous with a beautiful, defined bulge in his pants. But he is still no match for you, cher! Nor could he do anything to replace my wishes for your bisous - which I anxiously await each day!

whkattk said...

@ QH - It sure does. And that's the expression every man should have on his face after he jacks off.