Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Discovering Masturbation

Faithful Reader, O!Daddie, says he never discussed masturbation with his sons, but believes they found their way. Yes, young guys always do find their way. With the raging hormones causing raging hard-ons, well...one's hands find their way.
After all, we're well used to our hands touching our cocks since we were taught how to aim to piss (even when we have no reason to aim).
But, typically, as several readers commented last week, we're standing in the dark so-to-speak when it comes to jacking off; we're unaware of what has happened the first time we cum. Waking from the first wet dream, not understanding what happened, can be quite frightening.

And if our parents have not been open to honest, frank talks, and instead teaches this reaction:
where does the emerging man turn to understand he has no reason to be ashamed?
When we dare discuss it with buddies - who know as little as we do - misinformation runs rampant.
When our parents discover we've been stroking our little peckers, it's either, A. Ignored. B. Laughed about with their older friends and relatives. or C. We get chastised and told how terrible a thing it is.

Rarely, does a father take his son(s) aside and explain masturbation, say it's perfectly normal and admit he himself does it regularly, and encourage the activity with the gift of lube (even if it's bottles of baby oil) and a cum rag of some sort (sorry, but facial and bathroom tissue don't hack it).
When his son(s) begins engaging in sex with a partner and shoots loads like a Minute Man Missile, where does he go for help?

Other than being aware of his own frustration over not having a nice leisurely fuck, does he even know he's cumming too soon, that there's a name for it, and there are things he can do to control it? Things he could've been told about by dad, and practiced while jerking off?


Faithful Reader, Xersex, asked how old my offspring are. I have none. The two childhood illnesses, Mumps and Scarlet Fever, ensured I shoot blanks. So, I have no sons to guide through the difficult years of sexual discovery. But I have been the go-to guy for nephews and grand-nephews. I was even the go-to guy for that BIL mentioned. Perhaps this is why he is so open with his own sons.



Xersex said...

I envy your nephews for the oncle you're!

Believe me: I never had any sex education from my parents, but I did everything on myself, not needing of any more!!!

and you believe this other thing: I learned everything from porn movies! and my first time was great just because of that learning!

AOM said...

A beautiful essay - an inspirational sermon - Perfection. Thanks so much for expressing these healthy attitudes about masturbation. As I've said, my first cum shot I thought snot was coming out my dick. LOL Wasn't funny back the. So STUPID no one told me what was going on and what to expect. One day humankind will look back at this as a dark age. Wishing you all the best, my brother. Lovin and huggin and strokin you! AOM

Your French Patrick said...

LOL, I am 69yo and I adopted my son about three years ago when he was 40yo and in this time he had already a pair of teenage boys.
That did not prevent me from teaching him a number of thing on the sexual practices, the couple's life and the education, sexual or not, of the children. And he was interested and convinced more or less on all the key points. Enough to let us find common ground on virtually every issue. Not enough to turn him into a gay, but also I didn't try, nor wanted to try.
Brolieve me.
In the same way I have never tried with you (kisses from me to your wife) and that doesn't deprive me to wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of loving bisous.

Spear said...

I think one reason fathers don't (or won't)discuss sex, masturbation, etc. with their sons is that they just don't know how to approach the subject. My father didn't know his way around the subject since he didn't have any father figure to teach him. Not his fault by and means. Coming from the "old country" in the early 1900's who in hell discussed anything sexual. As a result, it was learn by doing in my case. And believe me, I did.


Wonderful as always! You certainly have a way with words and the images that go with them are always (Yes! I mean ALWAYS) perfect. Love the gif! What awkward years they were as we came to grips with what was happening to us. I was never told not to do it till I went to boarding school, where the priest in charge told us, "Only evil men masturbate"! Why did it feel so good, if it was wrong? Take good care of yourself, my friend! I'm feeling rather "old" these days! Hugs across the seas, Patrick

Jean said...

Spear said it right we really aren't that many generations from when boys/men were told nothing or worse yet some threat of God's vengeance for whatever.

Do boys really want their mothers bringing it up? I can just see the boys' horror and them running for their lives to avoid the talk!! And how many men know enough to give good info??

So Pat, it's your job!! And thank you.

Not Alone said...

Hit it right on the "head". I had to read about it in Penthouse Forum....

SickoRicko said...

My mother caught me once when I was young; nothing was ever said.

Anonymous said...

My father caught me and told me that guys like that were a dime a dozen and sent me to a psychiatrist, it was the most dreadful period of time for me. I somehow survived, but looking back it is - I am still wondering what that was all about.