Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Well Adjusted

So the visit with my nephew went very well. He actually said thank you for being so candid and open about things, and admitted he learned some stuff. Yes, of course, many conversations had to do with cock, boners, jacking off, and girls.


He's grown up very well adjusted. He and my brother belong to a nudist camp where they spend many summer weekends lying by the pool and swimming.
He's still a virgin and is perfectly happy to remain that way until he finds the right woman. Though his buddies (who came over for an afternoon because they wanted to meet the "cool" aunt and uncle) kid him about it.
They'd all been sharing a condo for the week to celebrate a 21st birthday. Five young guys getting drunk and stupid. Yet, all of them comfortable in their (male) skin - they actually shared beds and pull-out couches. And joked about "knees in the back all night."
This is the portion of the younger generation we can be proud of. Kind, funny, but above all open and honest about their bodies.



My buddy's book signing: total bust.
One person showed up. The guy who arranged took responsibility for the low turn-out, and asked to reschedule.


Queer Heaven said...

How lucky your nephew is to have a dad and uncle so open about the male body.
It is a shame more dads are not like that!

Your French Patrick said...

The well-ajusted nephew of a both well-adjusting and "cool" uncle.
LOL, you've well said "knees in the back all night", right?
I didn't know that "knee" was another word to say cock, prick, knob, rod, pole, dong and so on.
Thank you, my dear Pat, for this short vocabulary lesson.
Therefore, by wishing you a wondrous day, it's on your "knee" that I am depositing a lot of bisous to make it the most kissed phallic organ in the world.

Xersex said...

how old is he?


So pleased the nephew's visit went so well. Sorry about the book signing! Hot pictures as always! Hugs, Patrick

mistress maddie said...

Very cool uncle indeed! If the whole group wanted a bonding moment with a circle jerk, you may have had your hands full.

Anonymous said...

The real question we're all wondering is, "Did you rub one out with your nephew and/or his friends?" That word have been the most "well adjusted" time of his life! Also wondering if knees in the back is all that happened in that condo. Bet there was cum flying everywhere.

AOM said...

Always good to be open and enjoying what is naturally human together. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Sorry about your friend's book signing.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Mon ami, it was their way of joking about those nighttime boners, making light of doubling up in the sleeping arrangements. So, yes, I guess it is a new phrase.

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - He turned 21 back in Feb. The guys ranged in age from 21 - 25.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - No, there was no jerking off - though there was discussion about it, that it's healthy, etc. The big issue for him appeared to be the clean-up. My wife & I both told him to use a hand towel, or an old athletic sock.

whkattk said...

@ Lp & Rick - Thanks. But, things are looking up for him on the book front. Hopefully, exciting news is in the near future.