Thursday, May 7, 2015

A True Lifelong Activity

Polls and surveys indicate that for every orgasm we have with a partner or spouse we have 50 by masturbation.
That's a whole lot of jerking off going on.

And, that, my Faithful Readers, is a very good thing.

And why not? Orgasms are such a primal, natural thing. The physical pleasure they provide is universal. The joy, the sense of calm afterward, the basking in the glow of release are things to which all mankind can relate.

From the time we discover it - whether on our own, or we learn it from a relative (brother, father, cousin, uncle) or friend



- it becomes a true lifelong activity.


We should proudly admit it. We should be free to enjoy it without shame.


Queer Heaven said...

It sure is one of my life long activities! Ever since the first time I came I just knew this was something to try and do often. And, I sure do cum as often as humanly possible.

Xersex said...

let me show all of you two of the best "solo" I have even seen!

Thanks AOM!!!

Your French Patrick said...

A great choice of photos.

It is a great idea to change your banner everyday during the Masturbation month (I say that in case some would not have noticed it).

Fifty orgasm by masturbation for every orgasm with a partner? And this is an average? This is hard to believe. I wonder how many for the recordman.
Or perhaps because a lot of people are struggling in the desert to find partners? It's true that it may be a damn hard slog.

I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of bisous while you are wanking to add a fifty-first orgasm to the fifty others.

@ Xersex: You are right, my dear friend, all the more that it is everything that deserves to be seen on AOM's blog.


I still remember that first time! WOW! I'd had "wet dreams", but this was something great! Hugs, Patrick

Fullmoonma said...

50x as much masturbation as other sex... curious to know where that stat came from. Let's see, it was 4 years after I started to masturbate before I sucked my first cock, and then 18 years to the second and another year until I met my first partner when the ratio was probably something like 1:1. 13 years later I started Body Electric workshops. So up to then the ratio was probably something like 5:1, assuming I masturbated once a day. Since then the ratio has probably dropped some - but remember I'm a very serious masturbator.

Jean said...

Geez, think how much wasted energy spent telling youths they would go blind. Anything that feels good gotta be bad.

Anonymous said...

Funny,i remember my first time.I was in the bathroom and i was watching myself in the mirror,stroking my dick,when all of a sudden my body shook and i was up on my toes;)))i think i shot one spurt(scared the crap out of me)i thought i broke something ;)) Then i found out about girls and sex!

AOM said...

LOL Anon and I had a similar first cum experience - I thought my sinuses had backed up and shot out my dick. LOL Great post as always, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Many terrific pix!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - I found the information on the Masturbator's Sanctum blog. He cited his sources, but I didn't write them down, more's the pity. But, I'd bet, that given a lifelong ratio it could be quite close.

Anonymous said...

50:1? Is that an average? For healthy old guys married to females, it's probably 100:1! :)