Wednesday, May 20, 2015

No Need to be Shy

It was, of course, not only my barracks bunk mate being so open about whacking off, but the circle jerks in the barracks which made me more comfortable in admitting I not only jacked off often, but enjoyed the hell out of it. If cruising the main street looking to get laid - which we all did on Saturday nights - produced no results, there would always be our own hands to satisfy the boner that snaked its way down a pant leg. In fact, one guy I rode with once in a while, would haul out his hard-on and stroke it while he drove.



But, those experiences with so many horny young men looking for ways to get their rocks off, brought me to look for a group to join when I left the military. The friendships developed through the local Jack-off Group - even though the group disbanded - remained. These are the guys I can talk to about anything. We've sat around in the nude, broke bread, and stroked cock together. Once you've been that open with one another, there is nothing you can't talk about, or an activity you can't share.



The majority (90%) of the members self-identified as straight; they were married and had families they loved and cherished and would not trade for anything. They enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of being naked with guys, unashamed of their cocks (cut or intact). Never had to worry if a woody sprouted. And didn't have to be shy about enjoying it.




Your French Patrick said...

Don't worry, my dear Pat. I am not shy.
Otherwise, by wishing you an excellent day, do you believe that I could send you so many bisous on your sweet patootie?


Great as ever! Wonderful images! I once sucked a guy as he drove me to his place for a session together! I off to my doctor this morning for the results of several tests. Hugs, Patrick

SickoRicko said...

Sounds fun!

Xersex said...

so erotic story and remembering!!!