Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My Sincere Apologies

I took my lede for yesterday's post from a comment left by O!Daddie on the post No Better Time. He pointed out that I took his comment out of context. And he's absolutely correct. I should have reread it before making reference. Here is his actual comment:

"Not really something that my sons ever wanted to discuss with me. They apparently did manage to get it all together though, since they are both happily co-habitating with their girlfriends??"

I owe him a great big apology for being so careless. My friend, I am very sorry.

In being so sloppy, I feel I have failed everyone. When that becomes the case, perhaps it's an indication I have gone on too long.


Your French Patrick said...

As for me, no problem: I had already read in extenso O!Daddie's comment the day before.
Therefore there is at least one person that you haven't failed.
And the others were free to come back to your your previous post.
That said, it's maybe better to link the quote to its source.

If you thing that you have gone on too long, you are quite free but then I guess that it is not only for so few.
If blogging is no more a pleasure for you, you are the soul judge of the appropriateness of walking away from the people who love you.
You will be regretted and you will be not forgotten.
Perhaps is it time to start a new blog with you dear dancers?

Anyway, I hope that you'll go on dropping time by time a little "hello" on my blog, even if it's nothing more.

Have I enough bisous to give you to run for up to this undefined period of time?
I give you all of them that I have in stock.
And when they will have been all consumed, feel free to ask for more and you will always be fulfillled as soon as possible.

AOM said...

Oh, my NO! You have not gone on too long - I've misread comments before also. Just an honest mistake and we all make those all the time - at least I do. Thank you for all the good you bring to the world through your blog. You are a gem and do so much good - making a positive difference in the lives of your readers - who in turn take what you've given and pass it on to others. Lovin and Huggin and Strokin you, bro. AOM

Your French Patrick said...

I agree, AOM is right. And I defy you to dare say by word or action that his advices are not good.

I omitted to tell you that I love you. Probably because it's so obvious and because it's something that we both know well.

I love you, bro. Brolieve me.
Don't let me miss you too much.


Without you each morning the day would not be the same! Hugs, Patrick

Jean said...

Your brain is wired that way! How many times have you proofread what you wrote and then find the mistakes after you publish it?? Haven't watched "Brain Games" on Nat Geo channel?? That's why eyewitnesses to crimes can get it very wrong!

Welcome to the human race!!

SteveXS said...

My advice: take a shower, have a drink, jerk off, and get some perspective. You not only entertain, you teach. And we all make mistakes sometimes.

SickoRicko said...

Hey, mistakes happen!

Fullmoonma said...

I think you're correct to respond this way to a comment, but also, it is the internet and you're are selecting and editing and passing on what makes sense to you and need make no apologies. You can see from the comments above that we support and value you! I think we all wonder from time to time if we've gone on too long, if we still have something to say, and we're all seen other blogs come to a pause or an end - it seems to be the nature of things. I'm very surprised that I continue on with my blog and that men still read it - but maybe it's just the pix I reblog from you and others!

Fullmoonma said...


I love that the first sentence above has a typo - what better illustration of blogging!

CJ said...

Ah, but we are only human. And to be human is to err. The Pope says so!! Must be true!! No worries, love. You haven't done anything anyone else hasn't ever done. You just did it in print instead of verbally. Retracting your statement and apologizing is the important part.

Don't stop blogging because you erred. You fixed it to the best of your ability. Now you move on to the next post.

The service this blog and your advice has done for all of us is irreplaceable and priceless. You've helped so many of us in so many ways it's uncountable. The least we can do is forgive you for making ** GASP ** a mistake.

Remember, making a mistake is like masturbating. We've all done it, and we are not judging you for having done it. (The mistake or masturbating)

I love you dearly my sweet man. I hope you can forgive yourself, because we have forgiven you.

Happy blogging and happy Buddy Ball Check tomorrow. (That's still on the 15th, right?)

Love you long time!!
Love, CoreyJo

Your French Patrick said...

Already one day since you went off to sulk in a corner!
So few comments!!!
It's a shame for all those who are missing when it is serious or are unable to say something else or more more than "I like this or that photo".
But quality above quantity, isn't it?

If you prefer to save more time for your real life, if what was a pleasure is now a chore, I can understand, as well as many other explanations.
But then, say it.

You are much too intelligent so that your explanation may be the real one, and the more I think about it, the more I am sure that what you said is in reality no more than a poor false pretext.

Be happy, my dear friend, and receive your daily bisou.

Your French Patrick said...

What is the difference between:
"O!Daddie, says he never discussed masturbation with his sons, but believes they found their way."

"Not really something that my sons ever wanted to discuss with me. They apparently did manage to get it all together though, since they are both happily co-habitating with their girlfriends??"

In both quotes he did nothing, said nothing, washed his hands of his son's problems and let them have to fend for themselves.
They did it very well, and it's a happy news, but it's not thanks to him. His son have not asked for it, but they have not refused it.

You failed nobody, even not O!Daddie.

Don't let the delutions of any old embittered, hardened and obtuse dip-shit make you and your blog succumb.

I M Nutz in FL said...

Mistakes are made. Do not underestimate yourself as you're a shining example of a true gentleman. You admitted your shortfall, you apologized, and you are able to discuss it openly.

Dont give up... you provide an important service both as an example of humility, and an educator.

Jean said...

You know this goes both ways. We learn but so can you. We enjoy your posts greatly and so should you.

If this is not enjoyable for you as a teacher, don't abandon the fun parts, abandon only the parts that aren't.

There's always the thought, what will you think of this in a month, a year or ten years and the legacy you leave.

Anonymous said...

You made a mistake, as we all do. You manned up about it and apologized. Time to get back on that horse and carry on with your teachings and reflections on being male.....we need it.