Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Favorite Toy

It's indeed a special relationship we men have with our packages. We interact with our cocks every day, all day long. Whether it's taking a piss, or dealing with those spontaneous boners that pop up and snake their way down a pant leg, or push their way past the waistband, it seems they are constantly nagging for attention.


Every male knows this to be true, yet we strive to hide the fact. We'll go to fantastic lengths to hide them: behind books in school, behind suit jackets in the office, or wearing baggy pants, turning away from a group, or running to the men's room to adjust.
We rarely talk about being horny, getting a hard-on, yet the pride we'll exhibit when we beget. (Oh, lordy, lordy, the begetting they did in the Bible, eh?) How often have you ever admitted to a buddy that you were horny, that your cock was - right at that moment - hard as a baseball bat? That it was just itching to be set free for a bit of stroking?

Have you ever talked with a friend about waking up with that morning wood? How glorious it feels?

Have you ever had an honest discussion about jacking off?


This is the month to do all of those things. It's why this month long celebration was begun in the first place. To bring the joy and pleasure of masturbation out in the open. It's time to declare


Your French Patrick said...

"My Favorite Toy" is the same that my favorite toys.
And therefore, as you know that very well, including yours.
I'm a little bit disappointed that you prefer yours to mine.
After all, it is not as if it was my fault if your arm is too short to reach it.
You should make an effort!!!

Anyway, I wish you a wondrous day, my dear friend, with a lot of scrumptious bisous on your extremely enjoyable toy while playing around towards your sweet patootie.

SickoRicko said...

I'm comfortable talking about these things only with my boyfriend.

AOM said...

Amen - this is exactly what Masturbation Month is about - a time to promore healthy attitudes and discussion about a most natural and wonderful part of our lives. You do a great service brother. Hugs and Strokes with you! AOM

TextSiZe said...

Patrick, good question. Yes I do.. a friend or co-worker will ask me a question.. I'll tell them the answer. I had this sharp pain in my left nut for about 4 weeks and my co-worker knew all about it. After a visit to my Doc's I got a drug to fix that problem. (I never realized that a man could get a "bacteria" in his balls/ball.) he asked me for about a month how my "left nut" is feeling.


Yes! But only with gay friends! Great post as always. You are welcome to any of the images that I post. I steal mine from other guy's blogs!!!! Hugs, Patrick

Visit to doctor went well!

mistress maddie said...

Mine too! Sometimes two at a time!

Fletcher Colby said...


Jean said...

I think a gay man in a relationship with another man might be more open, but I don't see this at all with hetero couples.

All this is new to me after being married for 30 yrs. Men just don't talk to us about all this and we're too ignorant to even ask. Of course we women hash out lots with each other, but masturbation has NEVER been talked about.

Xersex said...

I love enjoy my and other's fav toy also with my mouth!

Xersex said...

I love enjoy my and other's fav toy also with my mouth!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Sad, isn't it? I mean that straight men don't seem to be able to discuss things like that. Of course, as you point out, women don't discuss masturbation either. I wonder why that is...

whkattk said...

@ TextSiZe - I think that's terrific that you've got a colleague who is not afraid to discuss stuff like that. It's also great YOU are open to discussions. More men should take that leap. We could do a lot of good for one another if only we'd talk.

Oh, my, yes. We can get infections in our balls. These are pretty complex things we have - more than most realize. I'm glad you sought medical attention, and you're doing well.

TextSiZe said...

Thanks whkattk.. I am.. It was actually my co-worker who insisted on me going to see my doctor. It was painful, all coming from my left ball. He's
str8 and has a baby girl. But you have to be careful at who you are open too.

Have a explosive holiday!

Anonymous said...

I woke up one morning and my right nut was so swollen I couldn't move it.besides it was painful. It scared me so bad I called my uro right away and got in to see him right away. It was an inflection in my nut. I had never heard of such a thing but it makes sense if you can get an infection elsewhere.
Also I have a couple of chat buddies that I feel free enough to to say I had wood this morning. I didn't always have that but I am blessed to have that kind of relationship now.

whkattk said...

@ TextSiZe - Thank goodness for that. It's important to NOT allow pain like that linger, he was wise to insist on that doctor visit. That there is a real man - showing concern for another, not afraid to talk about it.