Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Naked Together

The other day, Blogger Buddy Steve (All Natural and More) put the following original Dear Abby news clipping into one of his posts.
I wonder when, and why, our society turned from the acceptance of guys being naked together into the societal attitudes we now have. As Abby pointed out, guys were - and still should be - "free to relax and enjoy the sun and water as nature intended": Naked.




Boners or not







Naked and unashamed. Just as Abby stated, used to be the norm.
When did guys being naked together, once thought to be something so natural and normal turn into something lewd?
Can someone, anyone, explain this to me?


Anonymous said...

Great question and I don't have an answer as I was brought up in the time of body shame. It has taken me years to overcome culture. I agree - it is normal and natural for guys to hang out clothed or naked - just guys hanging out doing what we want and makes us comfy and feel good. Wishing you a wonderful day, my brother. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

that one guy said...

I don't know when it happened, exactly.... I'm 51 and I remember back in high school (late 70s/early 80s) we all had to shower after our gym classes and it was no big deal. I lived in a biggish city (Seattle) and didn't have any friends close enough to go swimming with, let alone skinny-dipping, so I don't know how common it really was back then.

However, in my 14 or so years as a regular gym-goer, I have noticed a rise in the number of young men who seem to be incredibly bashful about their naked bodies. They shower with their swim trunks on, and put a towel around their waist to remove the trunks & put on underwear. If they ever do reveal a glimpse of cock, it always seems to be shaved.

I think the rise of the internet has changed nakedness from something "natural" (i.e. it happens sometimes and isn't necessarily connected with sex), to something lewd (i.e. it now happens only in sexual contexts, so any context in which it happens becomes sexualized).

Too bad, really. Fortunately there are some young ones who don't care (or maybe they actually enjoy it), and plenty of guys over 40 who also don't care (or maybe also enjoy it).

A French Patrick said...

It would be necessary to add one star to the 51 stars which are on all your flags if the United States integrate the "State of Nature".
It would be too costly, I do think that it is only a budgetary impediment.
What else?
You should not complain, you have had the right of being brought into this world stark naked, it is already a beginning (and not only as regards the nudity).
Me too, I was born this way.
It is a little too young so that that becomes a habit.
And even less an addiction.
What, then, is the problem here?

I wish you a great day, Pat. One bisou for you, darling, and, each one according to his/her merits, one thousand bisous for Jean WM.

mistress maddie said...

Who knows. But I do know I came into the world naked and I'm leaving it naked too. I hope. The only thing I can figure is alot of people just view being naked with sex. Which as we know, many view sex as either dirty acts, or should be private and behind closed doors. Naked and sex have nothing to do with each other if you ask me.

Xersex said...

in my opinion, it's just a matter of habit!


Great post! Wonderful question!

Joe said...

I did a blog post about this several years ago ( I normally wouldn't put a link in a comment, but just in case you are interested.

Fullmoonma said...

I can't wait for the only sanctioned naked event in our city - the world naked bike ride. I've ridden several times and it's a thrill to take over the streets with other naked people. We get a lot of cheers too!

Fit Studs said...

It is quite natural... Love the 14th photo, I found my manly man in that one. So much masculinity, damn! Perfection. :)

Anonymous said...

in the 50’s I never experienced the kind of parties referenced in the Dear Abby article, but I do remember other boys in late grade school talking about how all of the men and boys swam naked at the YMCA swimming pool. My family were not members, so I didn’t get to experience this first hand, but I found it extremely exciting to think about. I think the YMCA became co-ed not long after that in the 60’s and all of that changed.

Spear said...

Guys that have spent time in the military I don't think have any problem being naked amongst men. You get used to showering with 20 other guys or you just smell like hell. It's guys that have been body shamed at home when they were younger most likely are those who don't want to be seen naked by other men or at least, not naked for very long.

FlopsReturns said...

Abby had it right! Any idea the date of this column? Assuming the 50's?


Fullmoonma said...

I remember swimming naked at the Y when I was a kid and in high school - for "sanitary" reasons we were told. We designed a conversion of a Catholic trade school to a YMCA about 17 years ago. There was a glass observation cubicle in the center of the shower room! which we removed. We installed some big windows between the pool and a lounge space we created out of a seating area, so no more naked swimming.

whkattk said...

@ Spear - Yep. When you've moved en masse with 30 or 40 other guys with their morning wood bobbing and leading the way to the latrine...well, you learn you've got nothing special and therefore nothing to hide.

whkattk said...

@ FFB - Hey, buddy! Welcome back, bro. Nope, no real date, but I suspect it was the late 50s - maybe the early 60s.

SteveXS said...

Smart lady, excellent post. You know from my blog one of the best things is naked male camaraderie and this is a great illustration.

Mike said...

What happened to the boys, who were caught masturbating by their mom? Anymore news?

whkattk said...

@ Mike - not yet. I've sent an email to the dad expressing my concern and asking how things are going. I shall be sure to report it when I hear anything.