Thursday, April 21, 2016


My, how times have changed... yesterday's Dear Abby (written by Jeanne Phillips, Abby's daughter) does a complete 180 from yesterday's clipping. A complaint about exposed buttocks. From a hospital employee, no less! This nurse wants patients to cover up and states "We're grossed out." and asked Abby how she thinks they should address this.
Abby responds: "Address" it by informing patients that wearing both gowns (gown and robe) is a hospital rule. If you are asked why, tell the person that it's to prevent visitors and other patients from being offended by the sight of someone's exposed "gluteus maximi." And if anyone gives you an argument, tell the person that's the way it is - no ifs, ands, or buts.
Offended? Really? By a naked backside? In a medical setting??
I'm thinking she'd probably faint if she caught a glimpse of cock.
Then a letter to the editor: "I noticed three women wearing little more than a headpiece, boa, and a G-string. Their body parts were exposed. ... I saw two additional women walking down Fremont Street with even less coverage. ... I realize that Las Vegas is basically an adult city, but the exposure of those body parts can be offensive to adults." [bold and italics are mine.]
Gasp! Front and back cleavage... 

Oh, the horror! I would love to ask this writer is she is offended by her own "body parts" when she looks in the mirror after getting out of her shower.
It amazes me that any nude body; female or male




 is now deemed "offensive."
Pray tell, what has happened?


Anonymous said...

Mr Mackey say - Naked is bad.. mmmkay (South Park Reference) If we were intended us to be naked, we'd been born that way! : ) Why oh why do people have to get all up in other people's business - live and let live and mind your own business - goodness gracious. Wishing you a great day - NAKED and HARD! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

A French Patrick said...

To show something wich is not offensive may be considered as being an offensive behaviour.
Then, what is offensive or not is another problem.
To take only a single example, I am favorable to prohibited accesses to those who are under eighteen years old.
That depend on the context, on the persons concerned...
To make love and to commit a rape, it is not the same thing.
An exhibitionist commits visual rapes, it is not a naturist.
I whish you a great day, my darling. Hugs and kisses.

mistress maddie said...

Dear.......there's is nothing offensive about that last picture. I want I'm there...........

Xersex said...

nice pics! and sexy ... not offensive at all!


The sky has fallen in! Common sense no longer exists! Prudery has returned! But not at the pool in our courtyard! Wow! There are two ladies who leave very little to the imagination! Hugs!

Jean WM said...

I'm playing catchup. It seems acceptance of male nudity in gyms, etc. may be taking the track of our politics. There is a big uproar in North Carolina about bathroom rights for the gender you identify with. When did it get so complicated that we need laws for everything in detail? How have we managed so long?

I think the Conservate Right has gone much further to the right and are dragging all the moderates with them. If you disagree, you lose in a primary vote to your more conservative opponents (who get big dollars to fund them.) and get elected in the general election. Our country is fast becoming very conservative on the State level and it is getting fueled by this kind of thought. Nudity is an obvious target. Now i'm getting wound up! How to explain Fox News to our european commentators.

that one guy said...

A couple of thoughts on the nursing question. Sorry if they're not fun thoughts :-/

1) I work in a hospital, and I find it difficult to believe that an actual nurse would have trouble dealing with this. They deal with naked or partially bodies --- male, female, old, young ... mostly old --- all the time, and it stops being a special event long before they finish nursing school. Real-life nurses just say "Nope. You have to cover that up." It's not an awkward social-etiquette situation where you aren't quite sure what to say.

2) Patients are often not their normal selves while they're in the hospital. They are usually on lots of medication and kind of loopy, if not completely out of their minds. Think of it like helping a drunk friend keep his/her clothes on in public. They may want to display everything now, but they might be thankful later that you didn't let them.

3) Hospital hallways are a public space --- not like a street, but like an office building. There are lots of people who work in a hospital and are not nurses, and there are usually family members visiting somebody on the floor.

4) Seeing butts in the hallway does not make nurses think of fun nakey-nakey times. It makes them think of having to clean poop off the floor, and the patient's legs, and having to change their socks, AND their bed sheets because they usually sit down before you can clean them. (It happens a lot. Really.)

On a more personal note, two more thoughts:

a) My job involves getting patients out of bed and into the hallway (if they can walk that far), and usually they are wearing only a hospital gown. I bring a 2nd gown, and if they do the "I'm not modest / this is a hospital / etc." thing, I just tell them that yes, it is a hospital, and everybody here has seen lots of naked people, and it's just not special any more. That usually shuts them up for some reason.

b) The bodies you see in hospitals are almost never the kind that are "fun" to see. They're usually old, often obese, and there is ALWAYS something wrong with them (they're in the hospital, after all). It's all beautiful in the sense that everything on God's green earth is beautiful, but it doesn't necessarily put you in the mood for celebrating the glory of the human form. (70 years old, 300 pounds with a "fat apron," catheter, supplemental oxygen, and sour-smelling from 3 days without a bath is typical; nothing like the beautiful photos you put up along with your posts.)

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I'm right there with you. It's confusing as all get-out. We put scantily-clad women on TV, in magazines, etc. and then have an issue when we see real people.

The bathroom thing is ridiculousness. Straight men are not going to dress up just to go into a women's restroom. And, I seriously doubt the reverse is going to happen - though you'll find plenty of women at concerts and ballparks going into the men's rooms, but it certainly is not to ogle cocks. Further, how are they going to check? Will they place Gender Police at the doors and make one drop trou to prove which set of genitals they have? More offensive are the other "protections" in that same bill.

whkattk said...

@ that one guy - Yes, I agree...this is why I am so dumb-founded over that nurses letter. The hospitals I've been in (for medical issues or visits) I've seen plenty of naked butts, I've even seen a cock or two hanging out in the breeze. It's not an arousing sight at all.

My sister was a nurse, and I applaud you and all nurses. The work is harder than many understand.