Saturday, April 23, 2016


Passover began last evening at sundown.  
Wishing all my Jewish readers an easy, wonderful week.


A French Patrick said...

In French, we call it the Feast of "Pessah" or the "Jewish Easter". I doubtless have Jewish friends, but strangely, none about whom I know that he is a Jew. Anyway, I wish all the best to them all, friens or not.

That you celebrate it yourself or not, I whish you a wondrous weekend, mon chéri, with a bisou for you, 100 for your wife and 1,000 for Jean WM.

Xersex said...

best wishes!!!


This year Passover fell on the Sabbath, which gives it special significance! It was the same the year that Jesus died. Trust you are having a quiet and restful weekend.