Monday, April 4, 2016

A Mom Goes "Bat-shit nuts"

An email from a reader in response to Friday's post:

"Would somebody convince my ex about that? She was a bit crazy before we split but now she's bat-shit nuts! She came home from work sick last week to discover our two sons and a few friends of the older one in his room naked and jerkingoff. She kicked my oldest son out of the house and forbids him to see his brother or she'll call the cops and have him arrested for molesting his younger brother. The oldest is now with me, though she fought for full custody during the divorce and won. My sons are devastated. The youngest says his mother is hasselling him every day and he's really kind of fucked up over this. I tell him he's normal like every other guy, she tells him its awful and he's disgusting. He wants to come live with me and his brother and I'm at a total loss."
My answer:

Oh, good fucking lord! Chain her up and force her watch a bunch of solo videos. No, I know that can't happen. I'm no lawyer, but I think both of your sons need one. (Not the same one, though.) The older son just in case his mother decides to follow through on the threat. Those kinds of charges are serious and could follow him the rest of his life. It's no joke and shouldn't be taken lightly. I'd get one on retainer fast! If you can't afford it, consult with your county legal services.
The younger son needs one to petition the court for a new custody hearing. You could file for custody, but chances are you'd lose (again). Depending on your son's age, any decent judge will grant his request. But I think HE has to be the one to do it.
First, guys jack off. It's normal, it's healthy. That's all there is to it. And shame on your ex for trying to convince your sons otherwise.
It's very common for brothers to jack off together.

Guys of your sons' age are naturally curious about one another's cocks and whether all their buddies jack off - and how often. This is why circle jerks are such a common thing between friends as they're growing up.

And it often turns to all kinds of games.
Who can cum first, or last, or the most, or the farthest.

Yeah, even challenges to cum on something and then see who will be brave enough to eat it.

And, yes, at some point along the line, they'll reach out to touch and stroke one another's cocks.
It's all quite normal, quite natural, and doesn't necessarily cease with age, regardless of sexual orientation.



I hope you are able to make your sons believe it. And continue to educate them about their bodies and what they can expect.

They'll be happier, more well-adjusted adults if you do.
Any legal folks care to help out here?


Xersex said...

so sad story!

Ron Turner said...

I wish I had circle jerks when I was growing up. I didn't have any brothers and my friends were too homophobic. I tried jerking off with a cousin once but he got too freaked out, which was lame because he'd let his girlfriend suck his dick in front of his brothers.

mistress maddie said...

The sad part in all this, is now the boys are going to think a normal thing to do and body function is wrong. Unfortunately it's going to be a long road ahead for people not to view guys jerking off together as not a exclusive gay activity, which is sorry.i think there is always going to be a stigma, if more than one guy is involved in jacking off, they gay. Besides I don't know why, in this age people can't explore sexuality anyway.


Great advice to the father! Not much can be done about the 'ex'! Your suggestion of going to court is excellent. My mother knew that three of us boys played together in the nude, but never discussed it with me! You've heard the one about the circle jerk group playing who came the quickest? The black guy came First, Second & Third!!!!!
Have a great day!

Not Alone said...

WOW... I'm glad my mom didn't show up unexpectedly, and didn't show up when my cousins and brothers were masturbating. I would think in some families sex and masturbation is just wrong, and dirty. Just like being gay is wrong and dirty. It happens, and this woman is too uptight. I don't know how to fix it, but it is crazy. I didn't hear how old the kids were, but that may make a difference on how I would handle it.

Good luck Dad.... I hope you keep us posted on how it goes.

SickoRicko said...

Wow, what a pickle! You gave good advice.

Jean WM said...

Start with it sounds like she still has a lot of unresolved divorce issues, she's raising the children on her own, and like most women she simply doesn't understand the male dynamics here.

She comes home from work sick and confronted with this, she hit the ceiling. She probably needs some counseling from someone she respects who understands the needs of young men. Sounds like the whole family could use some good counseling with someone with LOTS of patience.

Queer Heaven said...

Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

Jean: I think her issue is she's liestened to too much bullshit at church. Yeah, after the divorce she "found God." There's not much chance she'll get any informed opinions there.

Thanks everyone. I appreciate your comments and as things develop I'll email.

Jeffrey Hamilton said...

My advice? Subscribe both the boys to the Big Whack Attack blog! (the Mum needs it but wouldn't dare)

Anonymous said...

@ Jeffery - You know I was thinking about doing that...maybe I will over the weekend becuase there's a lot they could learn from here. Thanks for the push in the direction.

Fit Studs said...

Wouldn't mind playing with one of those hot jocks.
Only us, tho! Not into big crowds, haha! :D