Monday, April 18, 2016

Natural State or Not

Natural. It means different things to different people. As dancers, we were required to shave.
Not just trim.
And not just our faces. Everything.

No hair could be seen on our bodies anywhere. Not even a tiny patch of hair at the base of the cock
And especially not the butt crack. So we would do this for one another
We had to make sure that no matter how skimpy the costume, 
 Or if we had to perform only in a dance belt
No hair would be poking out from under. So, shaved clean was the order of the day.

In the regular world - especially in the world of straight men - this was a bit odd. Unless you were a competitive swimmer or cyclist. Then along came Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. And, suddenly, men all over began to trim and shave.

 Because, according to the guys, trimming the torso can make one appear slimmer, and trimming/shaving the pubes made the cock look bigger.
To some folks, this is extremely hot and sexy.

To others, it's a great turn-off. They want to see guys in a totally natural state
What's your preference?
Do you trim?
Do you shave?


Xersex said...

probably I already told that, but I removed my body hair on my chest arms & armpitts with laser. I use to trim my legs!

Anonymous said...

Either way the male body looks nice. Men's Health just has an article about a survey as to whether men should or prefer to shave their legs.
It was interesting that only about 30% of women surveyed thought it was a good idea or like it. I can understand dancers shaving and perhaps models--that's their profession, but for the ordinary guy, I vote for going with what nature provides. The exception would be that as we get older we can have hair coming out our ears and noses. That, I think, should be kept under control.

A French Patrick said...

I don't trim nor shave. I know that the fashion has been a long time to make us childish and looking sexually immature, but fortunately the fashions change and it is no more the case, at least here, in France. The only advantage has been the eradication of crab louses. That was not the purpose of the "ablation" of the body hairs, but so much the better. Then, now we even no more need this pretext than we have not used.

Obviously, as regards for instance the dancers of whom you were, the problem is quite different.

I wish you a great day, mon chéri, with a lot of bisous for you and one for Jean with a wink. Or a blink if she prefers. I suppose it's a rather philosophical difference between a wink and a blink.

Queer Heaven said...

The guy in Photo #16 has, for me the perfect amount of chest hair and his Pubes are trimmed neatly.


Most of the young men I see on the streets seem to shave their legs! One told me that it emphasises the muscularity of the legs! I've never shaved arms or legs, I have a van Dyke beard, I shave my sac and trim my pubic hair, mainly for hygienic purpose, especially in Summer. I guess it's "to each his own"! Hugs, Patrick

Fullmoonma said...

Although I've developed a considerable fondness for the natural men on Steve's All Natural and More blog I still keep the hair plucked off the shaft of my cock. The hairs get pulled a little on each stroke when I masturbate, and after 1000 strokes the skin gets irritated. I do this every few days when the next crop is about 1/4" long. Every few weeks I'll use electric clippers to trim the hair on my balls and back through my crotch to about 1/4" and every few months I'll trim unruly chest hair back to about 3/4" inch.

I love the feel of smooth skin under my hands when I give a massage and a lot of hair causes some problems - pulling even with an abundance of massage oil. I've massaged only a few men with shaved pubes (out of 1000+ massages) but I prefer the natural look.

Fullmoonma said...

As Xersex shows in his personal photo (my favorite body paint photo of all time) smooth skin is best for body painting. Another example what we have to do for art!

mistress maddie said...

On other guys, I like a happy medium, as long as there not a wooly mammoth. I myself am no overly hairy. Its mostly on my legs and arms. My torso and chest is hairless. I do shave a balls clean and keep a nice tidy bush.

Anonymous said...

Natural is BEST..
Leave it alone!

Jean WM said...

How fit the person is, is more important to me. Hair on an athletic body looks very appealing but not on someone who isn't. Same for no hair, looks best on fit person. (But no hair just doesn't look right, like somethings missing.)

Gee, I think I figured it out in a blink! Hi French Patrick! I prefer men to look natural and that they look like they take care of themselves.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon - either way - personally I like a little trim - but not too much - a wild bush can be extremely sexy too - it really depends on the person. Love to be lolling around with you as you stated on AOM - WooF! Wishing you a jizztastic day, bro. Hugs, Lick, and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

Keep cock, balls, taint, and crack shaved smooth. Leave a patch of pubes just above base, that leads to a furry abdomen and chest, which I keep trimmed to a sexy shadow length. Being older I have hair on back of upper arms and back, which I keep shaved also. Short cropped beard, and short buzzed, balding head. I've been told by men and women that I have a sexy body.

Anonymous said...

Shave balls only. Everything else natural. - RW

Xersex said...

@ Fullmoonma
the painted body is not me! it's only a pic taken from the net!

Tex said...

Only thing I shave is my face. I prefer natural on other guys too.