Wednesday, April 13, 2016

As Nature Provided, As Nature Intended



Two words of the same origin.
Our bodies are what nature provided.
The way they function is as nature intended.

It's astonishing that some are disgusted by this, as is the Mom who is railing against her sons doing what comes naturally - whether alone
or with a brother, or friend

Thank goodness, she is among a minority. Yet, it doesn't bode well for her sons unless Dad manages to successfully intervene.


A French Patrick said...

Nature? Natural?
Naturally, my dear friend, you are right in terms of naturalness.
It is human nature, the nature of our being, to wish what is natural and close to the nature.
Even if there are also natural disasters and smistakes of the nature.
As for me, what I do know is that you are good natured and loyal to your friends, thus I wish you a wondrous day with a lot of bisous which are completely natural, never synthetic.


Great as always! Thanks for your visits and comments!

Anonymous said...

Naturally Nude Naked in Nature or indoors! Great images and thought, bro. Wishing you a bonerific day. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

SickoRicko said...

Great post, great pix!

Jean WM said...

Human form is very beautiful. That is why artists have always started with the human form. You can't go wrong.

Queer Heaven said...

So true,so true!

Anonymous said...

Que rico negrito... Le prestaria mi agujero para que se descargara para una buena temporada.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Never thought of that, but it's so true. An artist friend of mine has done many "studies" as he called them of the human body; hands, feet, eyes, noses, lips, cheats, abs, and genitals; many full-body male and female nudes. Yet, I never thought of it in those terms.

Xersex said...

love your natural posts! About Azzopardi here

remember that "porn" for me is a nice word!