Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Don't Lose the Key!

We've talked about cock rings several times - and warned of the type which can be dangerous if worn too long because they cut off the natural ebb and flow of the blood to the boner.

But, here's something I hadn't thought of: Male Chastity Belts or, as they are sometimes called, Cock Cages. Physicians, psychologists, and religious leaders used to prescribe chastity belts for young men going through puberty thinking it would put a halt to those "evil nocturnal emissions."
Today's cages are intended as sex toys; mainly within the BDSM community. But there are some couples who just like to play a bit. 


 It's fun for women to think they've got total control over their man's boner at least once in a while.
There can be problems with any sex toy not used properly. If you get and use a full-coverage one, make sure there is at least a provision to take a whizz. Particularly if your scenario includes all-day wear. 
And, I would really recommend that there be some room for expansion. Because those BOE boners can become very uncomfortable if they can't be adjusted.
And, yes, the cock should naturally deflate if faced with an impediment.
But, you know, there are just some boners that don't quit.

They're persistent to the point that the only way they'll subside is after an ejaculation.
And, for cryin' out loud! don't lose the key! Yes, I'm sure the doctors and nurses in Emergency Rooms have seen all kinds of things (ever watch the TV show Sex Sent Me to the ER?) but, really folks, the hospital staff may not laugh in your presence, but they will laugh. Long and loud.
I will be gone until Sunday. But I have scheduled posts for Thursday and Friday. Have a terrific weekend. And don't forget Sunday is May 1. And, if you've been reading here for a long while, you know what that means.


Xersex said...

have a marvellous weekend!!!

A French Patrick said...

Your warning about the fact than cock can be dangerous if worn too long is a very good advice.
I cannot consider things such as those on the photos 6 to 10 otherwise than as being tortures devices. That I hate. To which I am completly allergic.
Enjoy your free time. Bisous, darling.

Queer Heaven said...

What ever the reason ou will be away until Sunday...enjoy!

SickoRicko said...



Great post as always! Very important information and wonderful images! Eagerly await your return! Yes! May = M M! Hugs, Patrick

Jean WM said...

Yikes! Not sure I would even want to try one of these!! Not sure how your body would respond after prolonged use of one. Another reason to stay natural!

Happy weekend!

Justin said...

Who the fuck would find these a turn on. Prisons for dicks.

whkattk said...

@ Justin - An apt turn of phrase!