Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Public Masturbation: Yes or No?

Ah, a Faithful Reader has sent an article from Gayety which could find Italy becoming quite the popular place! The Italian Supreme Court has ruled that public masturbation is legal...as long as there are no minors (under the age of 18) present.

While, in most places here in the States and around the world, just exposing your cock is against the law (indecent exposure).

Expose a boner? Lewd and lascivious behavior.

Here, they'd throw a list of statutes at you for jerking off.

So, you have a penchant for blowing a load in public?

You're far from being alone.

The article states that a recent online poll of men indicates that 61% admit to having whacked the willy in public.


What do you think?
Do you approve of the change in law?


Chris said...

I always wonder why showing cock in public is equated to indecent exposure -- I think there a lot of cocks that are very decent and should be shown in public.

Imagination said...

Emotionally I appreciate public nudity and masturbation. Intellectually it's necessary to know the law and to obey the rules.

In Germany like in most other countries it's prohibited to reveal the own body completely naked in the public and much more to masturbate. This are immoral and scorned acts which will be punished. One reason is of course to protect children and to prevent that they become objects of sex-obsessed people.

In the imagination and in dreams as well as in real in private areas of life between like-minded friends there is of course no problem to show the own boner and also to celebrate lustfully the fun of masturbation until cum. But this is only semi-public.

mistress maddie said...

I think like everything else, there is time and place. Like I wouldn't recommend it in a mall, bus stop or just randomly whipping it out in a store. But I really enjoy jacking off in the car, beach, and when I'm hiking in the woods. I have even done it in a park....which was probably risky.

Spear said...

Making it legal in Italy is ok for some. But I wonder if it became legal here in the UA. would this give guys the OK to flip out the hog and beat it senseless perhaps while riding the subway? There are some that would. I think leaving this one in Italy is better there than here.

French Patrick said...

First, the news is quite exact, and as you said it if and only if it cannot be seen by persons underaged. And even if it is conspicuously, ostentatiously made with the intention of being seen by other people.
I cannot approve the change in law.
I cannot disapprove the change in law.
You know why?

A Supreme Court does not create or change or modify even a single law or the Constitution.

It has been the same thing with the gay marriage in the USA: the Supreme Court has not allowed this kind of marriage, it has only made a constatation: the fact that it was authorized AT ALL TIMES by the constitution which declares the equality of the rights of the citizens. Obviously, the USA's Governement has not tried to modify the Constitution by replacing "equality" by "inequality", we guess easlily why.

On its side, the Italian Supreme Court has only made a constatation: the fact that wanking in public is not forbidden by their Constitution nor by laws consistent with the constitution and democratic principles.
In other words, for the Italian justice it is not any more a problem but ipso facto that becomes a problem for the politicians who have the choice to modify or not the constitution.

It's with a lot of bisous that I wish a wondrous day, mon chéri, to you and our adorable Jean.

Stan-Rhode Island said...

Sorry, I don't believe in making it legal to masturbate in public. You can call me "old fashioned", but never a "prude."

Xersex said...

thanks for this news. I didn't know that!!!


The world will change, but it will take some time. A guy was arrested here (in my suburb) for masturbating in his car, while watching a group of young guys in shorts playing basketball. Thanks for your continued visits and comments. I'd love your reaction to the "Body Art" guy yesterday!!! I though him fabulous!

SteveXS said...

As long as it doesn't frighten the children...


Jean WM said...

Times are changing no matter what. 25 years ago I wouldn't even be weighing your question. It would have been unbelievable. So one day folks will look back and wonder what we found wrong with it.

There was a time when if a maiden woman was kissed by a unmarried man and was found out, he had to offer marriage. She would never refuse because her reputation would already be ruined and no one else would want her.

We should be wondering why we weren't solving the really big problems we have. Hugs and bisous dear Pat for opening our eyes and French Patrick because there is only one of you!

SickoRicko said...

Personally, wanking in public ain't a good idea.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Excellent point. Times certainly have changed - and it would be great if we'd only get to the point where being naked would be acceptable.

whkattk said...

@ mistress - Oh, so many guys already whip it out on buses and subways... Mostly for the shock value, I think. But, I've jacked off all those places as well. Yes, even public restrooms and the park systems. I believe we may be hard pressed to find a guy who hasn't done it in at least one of those places - if they'd all admit to it, that is!

whkattk said...

@ Chris - I wholeheartedly agree!

French Patrick said...

In France it would not have been possible, even if we had exactly the same constitution and the same laws than our Italians friends, because our constitution is dominated by " "The fundamental principles of the law" of which one says that "the freedom of some stops where the freedom of others starts."
Then if wanking in public were not fordidden by any text, it would have been forbidden due to the right of others to not seee that.

Xersex said...

@ french Patrick
you're right / t'as raison!

Anonymous said...

my only concern is the diseases transmitted by the jizz