Monday, September 12, 2016

Positive Body Image

Getting into the spirit of encouraging positive freedom of expression and body image...
Each year Black Rock City springs up on the Playa in northern Nevada.
This year, approximately 70,000 people gathered for the week-long clothing-optional celebration of self-expression. All manner of activities are offered. I keep telling myself that I will get there one year...but it has now exceeded my price range. 

 High winds this year almost caused several burns to be canceled.

My previous naked yoga instructor is there each year to offer group classes. 
(Not taken at Burning Man)
And, yes, group jack-off is one of the offerings, too.
(Not taken at Burning Man)
Then, this past weekend, the city of Brotherly Love conducted their annual Naked Bike Ride. This is to encourage more fuel-consciousness and promote positive body image. Not sure how many people participated this year, but they offered free body painting prior to the ride. It would be great to see this spread to other cities across the U.S. We need to break free of our negative attitude toward nudity.

We should all promote these things.
Be proud of what we've been given.
Celebrate it.


AOM said...

Amen, brother! Promote all these healthy attitudes. I'd love to go to these events. Just marvelous. I hope you had a great weekend. I am still recovering from Saturday's game. Whew! LOL I wish you a bonerific day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Xersex said...

#3 loved the Welcome to fabulous sin city!


Great to see such a celebration. Trust you had a restful weekend! Thanks for your visits and good wishes! Hugs!

French Patrick said...

I am going to seem to you strange and you go to have difficulty in believing me, but I take the risk. After all nothing obliges you to believe me and even less to share my opinion. I do not know why (do you?) but I tend to prefer the sight of a beach where we are devoting to the nudism rather that the sight of a beach where women wear burkini, even if it's is an improvement compared to the wearing of the burka.
This is all the more reason why I approve you while wishing you an excellent day, to you and to our beloved Jean, with lots of bisous.

Jean WM said...

One of the nice things about being an adult is you can make your own body decisions. I must be old-fashioned but I think body hair should be left alone except for triming. Ok. Leg shaving for the ladies. Hair is almost always a plus to genitals you see on the strangers in the photos. Otherwise it just looks missing.

Happy week everyone, bisous to Patrick.

SickoRicko said...

Portland, OR has a naked bike ride every year but I've never gone. A Google search showed that naked bike rides happen all over the world.

whkattk said...

@ Rick - I must do that search - maybe I'll find one close to me! 'Cause I'd do it in a heartbeat. LOL

Anonymous said...

love it