Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Public Stroking

Jerking off in public places is pretty common. One of the most common (outside of men's rooms) is in the shower at the local gym. As one guy explained in a related article on Gayety:

"I’m finishing my workout at my neighborhood gym. I walk into the locker room, throw my clothes off, and head to the showers. The water is warm. I’m feeling like a real go-getter. The endorphins, the steam — it’s relaxing. Veeery relaxing. I take a handful of the shower gel that the gym supplies in buckets and start lathering up. I’m making sure things are clean down there. Really, really clean. (Not really, readers — I’m jerking off. Duh.) ... Personally, I’m into postworkout showerbation because it’s a convenient, sexy, healthful way to take care of all my needs in just one stop."

Although, when he states this is unique to gay gyms - he's very mistaken. Guys love to bate in the shower for two reasons. No mess to clean up. And it probably stems from youthful masturbation sessions because it was the one place you knew you were safe from prying eyes of family members - even though Mom and Dad knew what was going on.

And, I've certainly observed my fair share of guys surreptitiously jerking off in the showers.

They believe they're being covert, but a glimpse of soaped-up boner,
 the position of arms and hands. 
But mostly, the dead give-away is the tightening of the butt cheeks when they cum.
Then, they'll turn off the water, wrap the towel around the swollen semi and walk away.
Guys rarely think about the real evidence, just like this guy:

"Then I remember: the truth is written on the wall, right where I was standing. I’m talking about my jizz. It’s on the wall where I left it."
But, he's also correct when he states, "... no matter how many laws they enact, steam rooms they close, masturbation monitors they hire, or straight (and apparently gay) dudes I creep out — I’m going to jerk off at my gym."
Have you ever stroked one out at the gym?
 Have you witnessed guys jacking off at the gym?
Or any other public place?


AOM said...

Yep, I have and most enjoyable - it is a great time to take care of self. I hope you and yours are well and feelin' find, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

mistress maddie said...

Yes and yes.....on both accounts handsome!

Xersex said...

masturbation is so relaxing! when I can't sleep, it works greatly. But I don't like wank in public places. It doesn't add anything to my pleasure

Queer Heaven said...

So true,so true!!

SteveXS said...

Number 8, when I was in school we got a new guy half way through the year. Blond jock. We got to know each other and played cards while drinking pina coladas (don't ask). After about the fourth or fifth time and lots of rum, he started calling them penis coladas. Then he said he needed to take a shower. It was about midnight. As he was leaving my room he gave me this wink I'd never seen before. So a little later I walked down the hall and he was taking a shower. I went to the urinal and, guessing it was him, said "Hey." He pulled the shower curtain back and stood there dripping wet and soapy. Then he started jerking off, never took his eyes off mine. When he came we both sort of buckled at the knees. Unfortunately, we never played cards again. A one time thing.


When I was living in Darwin (tropics), I used to frequent a certain beach. It was the accepted thing there that if you got under the shower in the change/toilet area and stared to jack off any other guy was free to join you. In fact I had an arrangement with one guy that when he came to Darwin once a month to get supplies we would meet there and have a session. It usually ended with me fucking him! I even met a "straight" guy there one day, who wanted me to fuck him. Of course I obliged! Then he took me back to his hotel for another longer session! That was in "The Bad Old Days" - 1979-80!!!!

French Patrick said...

The men's rooms and the shower at the local gym are (maybe) a little bit less public than places such as, for instance, the middle of the main street of your city at midday.
LOL, less public only until the moment when the pictures are on your blog, given the number of your visitors and subscribers. More seiously, I think that they places give them the feeling of being places which are half public and half private, with a reasonable level of risk, with a chance of being not caught red-handed. LOL, especially as it is obvious that they ignore that a photographer is shooting them, isn't it?
I wish you a wondrous day with lots of bisous, mon chéri, as well as to our venerated Jean.

Anonymous said...

now i'm feeling jealous, i wish i have witnessed some

Jean WM said...

Since I don't have an iron in this fire (:-), I'll say we aught to get some good answers. Folks on here are thoughtful and I've learned a lot.
I can't wait to read them. Hugs to all and turn off the TV! The political circus is discouraging.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I have found I'm watching less and less. I shall take your advice and quit now, while I'm ahead. LOL.

whkattk said...

I kinda had a feeling that any guys who responded would admit to seeing other guys - and to having done it themselves. Such a plethora of common experiences we men have which we don't like to talk about...and should!

Anonymous said...

I like many guys get this surge and build up of energy after working out and in the locker room you can see them. Marries bros like me semi hard and excited because they aren't alone and we all have the same surge of release that we need. When I undress I'm already semi hard and walk naked to the shower and I'm not alone. There are usually two three guys hard and stroking alreadyZ so. It's common in my gym us married men enjoy watching each other jerk off and some like myself enjoy given and receiving a helping hand and when we cum. We finish and wash up and leave our separate ways to our lockers still semi hard. Nothing wrong with it. I've also had the joy of getting head many times from married guys they just drop down and grab my cock and in it goes, no complaints. They swallow and were done. I don't mind and I haven't sucked one but wonder if its a bro code if a guy sucks you do you return the favor?but anyway yea I myself and others had off in our gym and I enjoy it.

Imagination said...

I've never seen someone masturbating in gyms or locker rooms. But I know, that many guys like to practise wanking in their bathroom or in the shower. For myself it's a wonderful way to refresh and recreate body and soul while I celebrate masturbation under running water until jerking off. It's very relaxing to experience the natural mixing of water and sperm during the most natural act of self-love.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Is there a "bro code" about reciprocating if a guy drops to his knees and sucks you off? No. But, you should certainly say "Thank you" before you walk away.

Jason C said...

Another straight guy here. I frequent the gym, and the sauna and I focus on my health and getting a decent workout - so I don't f around like a lot of other guys. I have been going to the gym for years. And, I love relaxing in the sauna and jacking off. And I'll have you know, I have been jacking off with other guys, in the sauna, at least once a week. Sometimes the same guy, and many times it's not. For me it is a safe place, and once I get chatting with another guy in there, and we eventually JO, I go home satisfied and happy. Let me tell you, I have jacked off with many other straight dad's and guys of various ages, all of which were happy to join once we were alone and saw that they will not be judged for giving in to a natural urge. Happy jacking!

whkattk said...

@ Jason C - Thanks for corroborating what I've been saying for many years. Straight dudes of all ages enjoy a good buddy jerk-off once in a while, and jacking off at the gym is one of the most common places for it.