Friday, September 30, 2016


Did you know this has been Banned Books Week? All week long people have been buying and reading books. Buy a copy of my buddy's book. Available in both print and Kindle editions, it's a fast, funny read.

You can purchase it directly from his publisher, The Wild Rose Press, here:

Or, Amazon, where you can read the first few pages before buying:

Keeping his promise: Email a photo of yourself with the book to

and you'll be entered into a contest. The book must be identifiable in the photo. He'll give you extra points, by putting you into a special drawing pile, if you're naked

whether the goods show...

or don't show.
Just remember we must be able to see the cover clearly.

Five lucky winners will receive a signed copy of Book 2 when it is released in the spring (exact release date has not been determined and is at the discretion of the publisher).


Xersex said...

I'd love to live naked, not only to read!
happy weekend!

SickoRicko said...

Sounds like a fun contest!

Queer Heaven said...

Hello my friend!
Sorry I have not commented lately...sometimes for some reason the computer I use at this café will not let me access the comments on blogs...go figure....!