Friday, September 2, 2016

Something to Labor Over

This begins the long, Labor Day holiday weekend here in the US. The day we should stop our toils of daily efforts to enjoy life - to remember why it is we work in the first place. There will be picnics (where weather permits), parties, and gatherings of all kinds.


The New York Jacks invites guys of all ages, shapes, sizes, and sexual orientation to join them. If you recall, they added to the response when I inquired as to the sexual make-up of their gatherings. They sent me this:

Yes, we will be having a party on Labor Day Weekend.   Wouldn't you like to spend a couple of hours with a room full of naked men? We've had many guys discover us lately, so join the party. 

Tuesdays at 7 PM (doors close at 9)  Paddles Club, 250 West 26th street down the stairs
Sundays at 4 PM (doors close at 6)   38 West 38th street up the stairs on the 3rd floor.

 --$20 for members
--$25 for non-members
Clothes check is free but tips are appreciated.

So, there you have it. Your invitation to get naked without fear of repercussion or labels. Go, have some fun.
Connect with yourself


or others

Because, at the NY Jacks, there is no judgement. Just enjoyment.
They get a large mixture of guys: Gay, Bi, and Straight. 


And, if by some chance you run into a public figure while you're there... Well, just remember he simply wants to enjoy and celebrate the same thing you do! Don't hold it against him!
Find something you'd love to labor over



Enjoy yourself this weekend.


Xersex said...

happy labor day! I'll try to enjoy myself this weekend, be sure of that!


Enjoy your long weekend! Sunday is "Fathers' Day" in Australia. The injection well. I actually had a good night's sleep. There is still some pain but greatly reduced!

SickoRicko said...

Thanks for a great post! Have a great holiday!

Jean WM said...

Always nice to see men enjoying themselves! Have a good weekend Pat & Patrick. We are rained in with Tropical Hermine this weekend.

French Patrick said...

@ Jean.
In French, the feminine first name Hermine and the small animal ermine are both written and pronounced Hermine. But I do not take a lot of risk by betting that in our two countries we prefer the fur of the second one to the hurricane which is called so. I hope that you will undergo nothing too grave, and that you have a fur coat in ermine to protect yourself from the cold.
The Labor Day has only the name of it because we celebrate it by not working. A little bit of holidays is always welcome, but in reality it is before all a celebration of the powers of the labor unions, and I have a very bad appreciation of this latter, the German ones excepted which are more mediators than forces of opposition, as far as I know.
In any case I wish you with many bisous, to you and to Pat, that these few days will be nevertheless pleasant to you.