Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Two Best Things

I make my rounds to blogs leaving comments - we bloggers love to get comments! Today, based on his entry, I was inspired to leave the following at how to bate:

One of the best sensations there is for me: Waking in the night with my cock rock hard under my belly. A few thrusts into the mattress and back to sleep; wake again an hour later with my cock still solid, thick. More thrusts, more sleep. Repeat for four hours. Wake with that boner, thrust some some more, follow it as it bobs its way to a place to piss... Sit with coffee and have it still be thick and heavy as it droops between my thighs.







The best morning routine there is for any man.
Then, I stopped by dear friend Phil's Artistry of Male Soul Food (followed, of course, by a stop at his Tea Garden blog). There is always such beauty to be found there. But he ends with a delightful GIF and final thought. "How we love to watch us shoot."
Two best things; morning wood and cumming.
We love to watch ourselves
And we love to see other guys blow the geyser.
I mean, even porn meant specifically for straight guys know the guy shooting his load is the "money shot." Guys love to watch a guy cum.
The truth to that statement made me wonder: Why?
What about it enthralls us so?


Xersex said...

love http://aomsoulfood.blogspot.com as you do. Be sure!!!

SickoRicko said...

I haven't a clue.

Patrick said...

I think that it just a "guy" thing! It is part of what it means to be a man! We are watching and waiting for the other guy(s)to reach that "point of no return" and unload! It is just part of what being male is all about. You know the feelings that are racing through his body and you share them as he explodes. So often we even say, "Yes! Cum! Shoot! Unload!" If he really excels himself and pours out a fantastic load or one that spatters all over the place, we might even exclaim "OH FUCK"! We identify with 'his' maleness! It is something we just want to see and share!

French Patrick said...

So, finally, it droops between your thighs? What an unhappy ending! No morning wood? But it is promising, and we can hope that that will go better the next time.
That is what I wish you, darling, with lots of bisous.
Bisous, Jean.

AOM said...

Hey brother! Thanks for your kind words and shout out. I really appreciate you. Your blog of course is my first stop. Giving and receiveing - receiving and giving - both a delightful part of pleasure and joy. I'm not sure why we all love to watch us shoot. I just see it as a magical moment and magic is always fun to see. I wish you a most bonerific - jizz-a-licious day. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

Hope springs eternal for the watcher, like he's next? Love and bisous. JM

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed cumming and always get more turned on. But I do enjoy watching my buds cum too. Watching these big, strong guys stroke their dicks and then take turns grabbing mine and my friends is amazing. It's a bond that guys know, if it goes to next level it does. I find it amazing to see these guys get weak and soft as they climax and to see how we each react and shot. It's amazing to see how much each guy can unload. But the best part is when we cum as a group. It becomes a test or competition on who can cum hardest and biggest load but also who moans the loudest and flexes their muscles. As guys it's a great feeling being naked and jerkingbwith guya. We know how to handle our dicks and how to touch it and jerk it. It's a sensual feeling and sight to share that when we cum we all enjoy it and we all get a sense of relief from watching a brother unload his man seed, in a sense we all came with him as we cheer each other on. 1st day of every month we enjoy this and tomorrow is that day! Nothing wrong with watching another guy cum. It makes guys closer and enjoy the climax as a group, a bond, a circle of guys having a good time.

Steve said...

Evolutionary biology explanation: We're glad to see the other guy shoot his sperm anywhere OTHER than inside the woman whom we want to bear our own children.

The basic concept is that a man has the innate expectation that the children to whom his wife gives birth are his own. For most of the history of civilization, this has taken the form of a legal right.

When a man finds another man copulating with his (the first man's) woman, the visceral reaction is rage, sometimes homicidal. At common law, if you found your wife with another man and thereupon killed him in the "heat of passion," it was considered justifiable homicide; i.e., it provided an absolute defense to a charge of murder, just like self-defense. And really what it amounted to is that the husband was acting in defense of his next generation.

The Napoleonic code had the same rule. The law changed at different times in different places, but generally this defense to a murder charge was eliminated in the 1970s.

As you no doubt know, lions take this to another level. When a lion wins a new female companion, he typically hunts down and kills her cubs from her prior relationship, so that her energies are not spent raising competition to the offspring that she will have by her new master.

I realize that this doesn't fit in too well with your general theme of how much guys are supposed to love each other, but it's definitely in the genes, whether you want to call it jealousy or whatever.

At the same time, there's also a basis in evolutionary biology for close male-male relationships in a "pack." Back when survival depended on what you could kill, if you were linked to a crew of buds who could help you slay that mammoth in exchange for a share of the carcass, everyone benefited (except the mammoth). One hunter alone would have a tough time dispatching the mammoth, and even if he was successful, there would be far more meat from the kill than he and his immediate family could consume before it would spoil.

whkattk said...
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Anonymous said...

Why do we love to watch a guy cum? Because it reaffirms the feeling pure extacy we feel ourselves have at that moment! - R

Anonymous said...

Why do men like to see other guys cum? Shoot a wad? Splatter their seed?

I would guess it's because a cumshot that shoots farther and shoots higher, launches more spurts, and splatters more cum, 'proves' that the man is a 'real man--' someone we should emulate. We live vicariously-- imagining it's -our- massive cock taking those shots!

And, even though 'real men' don't think such things, I think there's a bit of bromance in the back of every man's head-- imagining stroking the other guy's cock and making him cum. All over himself, or maybe ourselves. Maybe rubbing it into our skin. And, just maybe, giving our buddy a bit of a head job to take him over the top.

Men will deny they have such thoughts, but I think in the right situation with a trusted buddy every man wants to know what it's like.


whkattk said...

@ Jean - Perhaps...

@ Paul - I have heard this explanation of "imagining it's our" own cock more than once. I think it falls pretty close to the truth.

SteveXS said...

J.O. - ain't it the truth!!!