Monday, July 16, 2018

Big Enough, Hard Enough

"When the time is right, will you be ready?"

So goes the catchphrase for Cialis. Evidently, the requests for boner pills is coming from younger and younger men. They're citing anxiety as the reason for the Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Is it performance anxiety? Many, many men suffer from that. Am I going to be big enough, hard enough, last long enough?
Or is it actually stress and anxiety caused by outside influences? Job issues, ability to pay bills, world-wide political unrest? All those things can easily contribute to the inability to get a boner. 
Should men take Viagra (celebrating 20 years of assisted hard-on's) or any other drug to enhance their erections?
In a recent Healthline article Eric Garrison, clinical sexologist says, "Yes, it will give you an erection, but the pill won’t necessarily take away all those feelings of anxiety and stress related to a sexual encounter.
“That nervous piece, Viagra’s not going to get over that. They will still be nervous, but now they are just nervous with an erection.”
Boner pills are essentially safe, yes. But... But, there can be consequences to your health if taken for strictly recreational purposes. The drug lowers blood pressure, opening up the arteries for better flow. Unknown health issues can combine with the drug - or adding poppers (a common party drug used to enhance the sexual experience) can spell serious trouble.

In the United States, sex is always easier to do than to talk about,” he [Garrison] said. “It’s not about achievement or conquering or those other things. It’s all about pleasure and you can have sexual pleasure without an erection. You can have sexual pleasure without an orgasm, but we tend to think that you need that full Eiffel Tower in our pants.

Solve outside anxiety with meditation and Yoga rather than boner pills.
Try masturbation without them.
Go into any sexual encounter - even jacking off - with the determination to simply enjoy yourself. Forget about the size of your cock, or how hard it will (or won't) get. The more you relax, the more your mind is occupied with the pleasure, the more anxiety slips away.
If those things don't solve the problem, because ejaculation is essential to your overall mental and physical health
then, of course, go see your doctor.


mistress maddie said...

I think this,has to be more closely monitored. I know groups of guys in their 20 and 30s that are using these things that have perfectly working cocks. They are wanting them for manthaton orgies. I fear what this may be doing. Call me old fashioned, but just wait, have good foreplay and get worked up again.

SickoRicko said...

All excellent points!

Xersex said...


AOM SoulFood said...

Preach on, bro! Great advice. Thanks for all the good you do. I hope you had a lovely weekend and a bonerific day! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Patrick said...

Great advice as always! Wonderful "images"! Thanks for your visits and comments. Viagra did help me for awhile. Another cold morning here!

French Patrick said...

I have never, and I shall never use Cialis, Viagra and other things of the same kind.
The fact that "requests for boner pills is coming from younger and younger men", in my opinion, is a very bad news.
It's saddening. Even if I am not going to get younger and younger to experiment it.
Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean an Pat.

Jean WM said...

People just don’t have time to relax. Or maybe they do. How much device/computer time do you have? Get unplugged. Exercise is great to boost testosterone. Looking good makes you feel good.

Hugs and Bisous. Exciting Game on Sunday! Hooray for France. Hugs and Bisous.

Fullmoonma said...

I've been doing a daily half tablet of generic Cialis every morning for maybe 10 years along with my vitamins - essentially an antidote to the blood pressure control med I've been on for 20 years, since I was in my mid 50's. That's exactly when I started having problems with staying hard. I used Viagra for a few years until a MD friend suggested Cialis, which is more of a background med - it allows erections when I want them, mostly for masturbation. Viagra is more insistent but only lasts a few hours. As I've aged, erections last for shorter periods. I think this is because the background level of turn-off-erection enzymes (that Cialis and Viagra deactivate)naturally increases with age. But it could be partly my body's reaction to the drugs. So I would counsel moderation by younger men in using them.

Anonymous said...

If I ever found one of my sons using these drugs at a young age I'd smack them upside their heads. Yes, both heads! - Dad

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Absolutely correct! on both counts; unplug and exercise. Exercise will also reduce the anxiety.

R Rad said...

Idunno about you guys, but honestly, there is just SO much bad news coming at me from all directions; work, politics, nature, money, health, etc. that I feel my sexual energy is just... GONE. I would love to take a pill that would let me fuck my husband like I did when we first met 20 years ago (all night and again for breakfast!).

But alas... he's up for work at 3AM, we're both aiming for bed to SLEEP shortly after "Jeopardy"...