Thursday, July 5, 2018

Pull Over to Cum

When Jessica Wildfire writes "masturbate whenever you can," she's writing from personal experience, and she practices what she preaches. She uses masturbation to help her sleep - and she's aware of how to use it to stay awake, as she did on a long road trip.
For men, jacking off in the car on a long road trip will start rather organically. The vibrations of the road transfer right to the prostate. That stimulation slowly, but effectively, creates a solid erection.

The boner trying to push its way free can be mighty, mighty uncomfortable when sitting in the driver's seat. Opening the pants and allowing the cock the space it needs is pretty much the only solution.

Though, some men prefer to slide the pants to the floorboard, or remove them altogether.

Then, well... Then, a free hand finds its way and the playing and stroking begins. It is a great way to remain awake. But, unlike Jessica, who states she "gently came," the male ejaculation - particularly if a man's cock gets extremely sensitive when he cums - can be quite strong.

If you take her advice and masturbate while driving, I suggest you pull over before you shoot that load. I have it on good authority that some single-vehicle accidents publicly chalked up to a "medical episode" were actually caused by the guy ejaculating with the car still in motion.
Don't let that be you. Sure, masturbate whenever you can; when you need to.

But if you're in the car, masturbate responsibly. Pull over to cum.


SickoRicko said...

I have to totally agree; twice I've jacked off while driving the highway and it's difficult to control the vehicle in the throes of cumming. I hope you had a nice Fourth.

French Patrick said...

Your advice to pull over before ejaculating is a very good warning.
That happened to me me only once while I was in full speed and I lost control of myself by finding the key to orgasm heaven in a way as thrilling as dangerous.
A danger that,in spite of the absence of traffic, I perfectly felt.
By "perfectly" I mean "enough for being deterred from any attempt of recidivism".
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Xersex said...

when you're nervous and you can't fall asleep, wanking and cumming is the ideal!

Patrick said...

Great concert! Enjoyed it! Also a beautiful day - more like spring than winter! I once sucked a guy off as he was driving! And I was sucked off in the back seat once by a fellow passenger. Yes! Those vibrations get to you after a while!

Jean WM said...

And then there are "books on tape" to keep you alert, ha. Of course some of these romances get pretty graphic....
Nice to have a holiday in the middle of the week, today is Monday again and tomorrow is Friday! Hugs and bisous.

T said...

Ask truck drivers; they have seen it all!

When in University once on the way in we were stuck in traffic waiting for trains to cross and was looking at the guy in the car just slightly in front and he was twitching abit. Kept watching him thinking what the hell are you doing so told mother (didnt have license at that time) to move up abit the guy is doing something. We were able to move up a little bit, still couldnt see much but we soon found out what he was doing. We saw the ending.

Very awkward after that. Mother came out with I hope he brought a change of clothes with him. Awkward sex stories; could have a whole series of them!

Fullmoonma said...

or: use a non-ejaculatory multi-orgasmic technique!

My biggest problem in jacking in the car is oil management - keeping the oil on my cock and not on the steering wheel.

Anonymous said...

More just that the blood flow into and out of the penis from just gravity can cause erections and even orgasm; actually, my first orgasm was just from going up and down hills in my grandfather's truck at age 4.

I didn't ejaculate, but I knew my penis tickled and felt warm. I had him pull over, thinking I had to piss. So, we sat there for a few minutes, me with my dick hanging out aimed at a cliff, standing up when nothing came out. Then he realized what had happened and basically told me that it was "just practicing" for when I was a man and ready for women.