Monday, July 2, 2018

As It Should

We grow up in such a closeted society when it comes to discussing the functioning of men's bodies. Yet, guys coming of age are typically wracked with anxiety over their cocks. Is it normal in size and shape? Is it supposed to do that?

Blogger buddy, fullmoonma, over at how to bate (basically a journal or diary of his practice) struck upon a topic that made me ask him to do a guest post on the acceptance of his cock. You see, he was born with hypospadia (the urethra doesn't properly develop within the shaft); his cock has a downward curve, and it didn't look "normal" to him. It took him many years to come to full acceptance. This post, though truncated, or abridged if you will, is his way of letting younger men know that their cocks don't have to look just like every other guys'.

"Sometime when I was around 6 or 7 I was taken to a doctor to have my penis examined - no explanation given - and he painfully pulled my adhered foreskin off of my cock head, leaving it a dark purple color than never changed - was this permanent damage?

The first erect cock I sort of saw was when the big kid down the block jacked off for me when I was 10 and he was perhaps 14. It was dark in the basement of the house under construction and he was partly turned away, but it looked like his penis was peeing milk. I tried to get my penis to do that with nightly stroking and punishment for a couple of years until my cock sent out a few spurts of transluscent goo. No amount of repetition could change the result. Something was wrong. 

A couple of years later I was horsing around with several friends a year younger the me and got a huge hardon which I proudly displayed. They jeered my funny "down-turned dork". 

About the same time I coaxed the kid across the street to show me his straight cut, torpedo dick, which clearly was the standard model. I'd known for a long time that I had a 2nd pee slit at the top of my dick shaft and now I knew it wasn't normal.

A couple of years later I was 17 and a high school senior and trying to find feelings for girls, but crushing on redheaded boys. Clearly my defective penis would be a huge problem with girls. But by then I'd figured out that my orgasms and jism were "normal".

In college I jacked off a few times across the room with my freshman roommate, but he wanted to explore being normal and using his cock with women. I went to a sex-phobic college counselor who sent me to a urologist who said my hardon was larger than usual and should do the job just fine.

But it wasn't until I started coming out at age 30, and got my first awesome blow job that left me tingling for days, that I really started to believe that I was blessed with an amazing cock.

I found my first partner after coming out, and so didn't see a lot of other cocks, but by then porn was available, and I realized that there were an amazing variety of cocks - each one was special and different. At Body Electric workshops, which I started to attend when I was in my mid-40's I finally came to really understand my erotic being and left behind the last vestiges of cock shame. The slow progression was definitely a product of the times - growing up in the 50's and 60's . Men growing up today could have a lot more information and support, but I'm happy with where I am!"

While his hypospadia could've been corrected (I have a great-nephew who went through the surgery as a toddler), the downward curve would not have changed. But his acceptance of that curvature could've been an easier road had someone explained that cocks, while having the same basic form, come in all shapes and sizes.

If you have a medical issue which can be corrected, do so. If you're concerned about how "normal" yours is compared to others, don't be. Normal is a nasty word when it comes to cocks.
The only question you should have is:
Is it functioning as it should?


Xersex said...

very interesting!

SickoRicko said...

That was a great article. Kids can be so cruel. I'm glad he found acceptance.

Patrick said...

Absolutely fantastic post!!!! Yes! If only! Well when I was growing up in a "good Catholic family" !!!!! I never received any helpful information. But my first ejaculation was so wonderful that I became addicted! Till I went to boarding school and was told by the Priest-in-charge that "Only evil men masturbate"! It took me a long time to get over that! My penis was nothing "special" but it was used well and was well-used!!!! Still rather cold mornings here! July is usually our coldest month. Thanks for your visit and comment! HUGS!

mistress maddie said...

A great post! And the reader shouldn't worry about his dick, I bet it is magnificent! I would be pleased to see it.

Im on my way out again for another vacation, shortly so if I don't make it back around I wish you a🎆 Happy Fourth Of July🎇🎏 handsome!

French Patrick said...

Normal is a nasty word, because it means too many things.
For instance, when "normal" stands for "natural", it is almost the opposite of the "normal" which stands for "in compliance with the standard".
Obviously, if we can change things it's all the better, but better our acceptance of what we cannot change will be, better our happiness will be.
Love, hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Sooo-this-is-me said...

It's amazing how little men know about the penis, even doctors know very little. Sex education in high school was always about vaginas and menstruation, menstruation, menstruation. There were things I wanted to know but there was no information. I have many straight male friends that can't tell you if they are circumcised or not, they have no grasp of what it means.

Jean WM said...

Thanks, Pat. Maybe with information online we will have a generation of more informed adults. Heat and humidity, ☃️❄️⛄️ Ready for snow in July! Hugs and bisous.

Fullmoonma said...

I'm glad I didn't have surgery on my hypospadias cock. In the HS community there are horror stories of multiple surgeries that just make things worse. The penis is small and complicated and if it functions OK it's best to intervene.

whkattk said...

@ mistress - I believe you have seen it - he's sent several photos over the months which I've used - without identifying of course.

whkattk said...

@ Soooo - Yep, men are severely under-informed when it comes to their cocks. We all need to have some serious bro talks.

Anonymous said...

One thing we should all keep in mind-- except for a medical condition that can be corrected, we're all pretty much stuck with the penis we grew up with. We can look at another model and wish ours looked more like that one, but it's just wishful thinking! (; - Paul

Anonymous said...

I remember thinking circumcised penises were weird as a boy. So the weird factor is always there when discussing another man's penis, just because you only have a small sample to go with, unless you live at a nudist resort, or you are a gay porn star.