Friday, July 13, 2018

Beyond the Limitations

Where is the future of sex headed? That's the question Annalee Newitz broaches in her article Sex Robots Could Save Your Relationship. Now, granted she discounts all the mechanical things of the past decades. Things like vibrators and mechanical sleeves and dildos.

But as technology moves forward, it's important for us all to understand that there are some people who have every right to sexual release who can't seem to attract a partner. University of Manitoba philosopher, Neil McArthur puts it this way:

"We’re not talking about lonely men. We’re talking about disabled people, or people living in places with skewed sex ratios. They may be in remote areas. They may not fit society’s image of what counts as sexually attractive.” For these people, a sex robot or VR sexual experience could be emotionally and psychologically healing."

These are the folks who patronize the street sex trade, who look for the massage therapist to help them find satisfaction, things which our government have deemed unlawful because portions of our society have deemed them immoral.

At some point, Newitz believes, we will move beyond the limitations. That we'll be free to engage in relationships with whomever we wish without damning labels or disparaging remarks.

I sure hope so. But, before that can happen, I think we need to get over the shame of

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AOM SoulFood said...

I agree - I think we are moving in the direction of sex free from identity, labels, prudish norms, ridiculous ideas and misinformation. Perhaps shaming the shame is what will be needed. Enjoy your weekend, bro. Wishing you a bonerific time! Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Patrick said...

Thanks again for your visits! The Rodin is on its way! Trust you can afford it!!??!! Cold morning here! Have a great weekend!

French Patrick said...

What is the most important, it is the limitations, undergone or wanted, engraved in the spirits of the men in such a way that they dare too much or too little.

Have a great weekend, my darlings Jean and Pat.

SickoRicko said...

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Xersex said...

love the wisdom cumming off from this post!

happy week end!

Anonymous said...

Sex robots have their own ethical issues, if we assume a certain degree of AI, on a sliding scale from Real Doll to human being. Less an issue for disabled patients, since the repulsion to disability isn't there. More an issue for lonely men. And specifically the subset of lonely men known as incels, men who get violent if you say no. If you endow a machine with human intelligence, then you must grant it the ability to say no.

This is the issue with all robots. If they're as smart as the dumbest human, employing them without compensation is the same as slavery, and creating them in the first place is the same as castes. But if they're not smarter than humans, why build them?