Friday, July 20, 2018

Reason to Feel Guilty?

Another nasty monsoon hit us last night. Spent the last two hours scooping out the pool. Now, as long as we aren't hit with another one, it will be a nice, relaxing weekend.
Meanwhile, this landed in my email inbox:

"My brother bought a lakehouse in NY and invited family to visit over the weekend. I volunteered to go back to the house and make dinner. I'm out to my family and friends, everyone is cool with it. While I was showering in the outdoor shower along the side of the house, I feel a body press up against my back, a hard-on pressed to my ass, a finger presses against my lips and I hear "Shhhh..." while a hand grabs my dick and starts stroking it. The shower is built like an "L" and there's no door so I didn't hear him come in. This nephew is 19 and only about 5 years younger than me. He's got a girlfriend and everything. He says it doesn't matter, they're both "poly." Then he says he's "waited years for this."
He gives me this awesome handjob then tells me to expect him that night because he needs "to suck that cock." I told him it wasn't really good idea, but I wake around 1 in the morning with my dick in his mouth and getting harder by the second.
It was good, I enjoyed it. I even reciprocated. He's the one who initiated. So why do I feel so guilty?"

 Were you wrong to allow him to finish jacking you off in the shower? Or returning the favor of the blow job? I don't know. You're both adults.

Perhaps you feel guilty because we're taught throughout our lives that sex with a relative is wrong. Consensual incest has been deemed wrong mainly because centuries ago people realized it resulted in child deformities. You and your nephew don't have that to worry about.

If the chances are slim you'll have another encounter with this nephew, put it out of your mind. He'll go back to his girlfriend with his fantasy fulfilled and all will be well. You'll both have to be cautious at future family gatherings - try to keep the guilty expressions to a minimum when he gives you those knowing smiles, or if he says anything that hints at what you shared. Otherwise his parents might find out and you may have hell to pay.
What say you Readers?
Does he have reason to feel guilty?


Steve said...

No. There, that was easy. Your email correspondent had no obligation to fight the nephew off, unless of course either one of them could be HIV-positive. In contrast, if it had been the uncle who initiated such an encounter, that would have been wrong if for no other reason than the extreme potential for destroying his relationship with the young man's father.

mistress maddie said...

I say go with it and enjoy. I don't know for sure, but I do know a lot of guys on both side of the fences that have played with at least a cousin once. I too have a nephew who is two years older then me, son of my half brother, and we played and had sex numerous times together.

I just wished I could have watched all this!!!!!

Have a good weekend and here's to no more storms for you!!!! It's been glorious here.

French Patrick said...

Incest has been deemed wrong mainly because centuries ago the children were not free to marry with whomever on the basis of their individual preferences. The fathers, (when it was not the village headmen) were entitled to choose freely an outside partner for the purposes of establishing economic links, of getting money, of enlarging the family, of sealing alliances with other tribes or other villages.

The invention of risks of degeneration for the progeny came after and exists only to frighten those who were refractory.

At the exact opposite of this bias, the kings and queens of the ancient Egypt had to get married between them because they were the only human beings of divine essence, so that their offspring is divine too.
And nobody said that they were degenerate although having practised the incest during centuries and centuries.

As regards your reader, he is guilty of nothing, and being the only one who can really know what he prefers, he has to choose what he prefers.

Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat. Have a great weekend.

Jean WM said...

I think you’re playing with fire when it involves relatives. Too many unintended consequences.

What a week! Hugs and bisous dear French Patrick.

SickoRicko said...

In my humble opinion he has nothing to feel guilty about!

Patrick said...

Computer spent the night in hospital. But was released this morning. Trust the faults have been corrected. Trust you have a good weekend!

Xersex said...

no! not at all... I'd befeel happy rather than guilty!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats a no from me. Jerking off together is where I would draw the line. Anything further regardless who initiates it should not happen. Its not just incest; thats also respect out the window. Incest is just the physical act of it. There is a whole lot of emotional and mental baggage that goes with it.

There is more to life than just the physical aspects of it.

Fullmoonma said...

I imagine that he'd been waiting for this opportunity to explore this side of his sexuality with you for some time - that you're someone he respects and feels safe with. So I think it would be important to affirm that this was OK with you and that you still like him. Maybe start a conversation about how he's feeling about it now? Your own feelings are important, and maybe you could share them with him at some point, and maybe they would evolve as the result of the conversation. The reason you're feeling guilty is most likely because you've been taught that sexuality should only be one way - I think the teachings are the problem, not your actions!

Xersex said...

I think more than someone will find this interwiev interesting

Milo and Elijah Peters

Michal Cuma & Radek Cuma

Prague, Czech Republic: February 14, 1990.

Incestuos twins

"Czech identical twins Michal and Radek Cuma are male pornographic actors who in 2009 began having sex together in video performances as "Milo and Elijah Peters". They consider themselves both brothers and romantic partners, and report that outside their video performances with other actors, they do not have sex with any men besides each other"

here the whole page:

that one guy said...

My opinion: no need to feel guilty. As our host says, you're both adults. Admittedly, at age 19 he's by definition a young, stupid adult, but an adult nonetheless, and as such he is responsible for his own decisions (as you are for yours).

If you're not interested in continuing this liaison, you can just tell him. I seriously doubt this is the first time he's just grabbed the cock of somebody he knows and gone to town on it; he must be familiar with the response of "well that was fun, but I don't really want to do it again."

If you are interested in continuing, then you can also set rules: e.g., no sex at family gatherings, or whatever boundaries you feel comfortable with. The idea of sex with relatives is hot (big fan of Joe Gage movies here), but his & your parents who are siblings might not think so.

Gabriel said...

Millennials are freer thinking when it comes to labels for who they are attracted to sexually (the "poly" reference). I think the nephew had an attraction and felt open enough to go for it. The uncle did not purposely seduce him, so I would say he should not feel guilty. Sounded like the nephew was really wanting to have that experience with him, enough to enjoy oral later on.

I think the uncle should though draw the line at this point and not do it again since he is uncomfortable. Keep the family relationship strong. The more it happens, the more likely something will finally come out about this and that could split the family.

Anonymous said...

No reason whatsoever to feel guilty !! In fact, as both are old enough to be legal, and it was the nephew who initiated it, i'm glad the uncle allowed him to go ahead and fulfil the fantasy for which he had waited so long. Would have totally spoiled the moment, and possible the family relationship, if there had been a rebuff.

Tex said...

Sex between relatives is not a good idea. As you said, it's gonna be awkward next time these two are at a family function. I feel that the uncle and nephew should speak privately. As suggested by other commenters, the uncle should tell the nephew that he enjoyed it but it should never happen again.

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - Thanks for the info and the link!

R Rad said...

Having been on that receiving end of a frat-boy's ovations, I can tell you to expect to have a LOT more encounters. He will find more reasons to "show up", to hang out, hitch a ride, get drunk / stoned with you, sleep over, etc. "I'm in town alone, can I crash here?" stuff.

Unless his presence is impinging on your own social life, advice - enjoy it, but be open and honest about it. Trust me, you will hit an age when you think when you lay down, you have the body of a god. And the reality is when you sit up, that god is Buddha. Take his actions as flattery.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Patrick, it's very simple: It's the danger of homozygous recessive genes, like Habsburg chins and hemophilia in the Romanovs. Or look at breeds of animals: The purebred always has more issues than the hybrid. And I was just reading an article about the effects of cousin marriage among Arabs the other day. That does happen, no invention at all. But is limited to heterosexual couples.

This doesn't make alliance theory wrong, it's probably 100% true, but I will not allow the Lysenkoism of "incest is totally fine medically" which no anthropologist will ever say. (TBH, the only times anthropologists find marrying the immediate family permitted is among heavily stratified monarchies where the royal family are gods, and it's limited to them, marrying brother to sister to keep the line pure.) The exception is what can charitably be called "second-hand accounts". Basically, these accounts involve listening to what missionaries or that particular society's enemies say. It's not particularly reliable, since these people are the most prone to libel, but over in Postmodern Wackyland, this can produce the desired result. (Erikson reports that a white missionary told him Sioux fathers taught their sons masturbation, but Erikson himself was skeptical. Sarlin cites Erikson but removes the skepticism, Brongersma cites Sarlin, Janssen cites Brongersma because by this point no one cares if it's true or not.