Wednesday, February 13, 2019

End Game

"Oh, boy, do I hope you can help me. My husband has a foreskin and has a problem with retracting it. He doesn't seem to think it's a problem. He says it doesn't hurt, he can pee without skinning it back, and he sure can cum. But I have to tell you when he wants me to suck him the smell is getting pretty rank. Its to a point that all he needs to do is take off his pants and I can smell it. That turns me right off and I admit I avoid sex as much as possible. I've tried to tell him to stick a finger between the head and skin when he showers, but he says he can't do that anymore because its too tight. I can promise you if my vagina smelled like that he'd avoid me too."

He's headed toward severe Phimosis - the Phimotic Ring - the "elastic band" within the foreskin - is tightening up. There's a cure for that. A quick trip to the doctor for a steroid cream is all that's needed to loosen the band. 

It may take some time, but it would be better than circumcision.
If the cream doesn't work, then there is what is known as a "partial circumcision" wherein only the Phimotic Ring itself is removed. This option leaves the foreskin loose, requiring manual manipulation to retract, and to replace over the glans.

However, the immediate issue is that he's not cleaning himself. It's not only gross, he's not doing himself any favors. In the long run what is collecting under there (called Smegma) will eventually begin to have an negative affect on the head of his cock. Tell him to stand in the shower, and use a couple drops of shampoo (or shower gel) and try getting a q-tip in there. He must make sure he rinses thoroughly, though. He doesn't want to leave soap under there any more than he wants the Smegma.

But, the end game...he needs to go see his doctor.
The sooner the better. He'll be glad he did.


Xersex said...

what easiere than a circumcision?

Rad said...

That just don't sound right. If your spouse can smell your cock stench from across the room when you drop trou, chances are the smell may not be completely contained when you are clothed and elsewhere. What do they call it on the "FeeBreeze" ads? He's become "Nose Blind"? I'm sure some folks find the smell a turn-on, but like with his wife, I'm the same way when I find an unwashed bung hole on the way to a fuck. Just kills the moment.

My first lover was uncut and was meticulous about keeping things clean under the skin. Man, that was a blast to play with, too!

SickoRicko said...

This guy needs to listen to you/his wife!

Your French Patrick said...

Therefore, he had no phimosis before she married him? Or a phimosis that did not bother her at that time?
Strange, but after all it's maybe because he received a phimotic ring as a bonus with his wedding ring?

Severe or not, it's surely a phimosis, and he should consult a doctor.

Happy eve of Valentine's Day, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Mistress Maddie said...

I'd say you gave her very good advice.

Gabriel said...

Great advice as always. I would feel like she does if the smell is that strong. Do what you need to do to keep your partner wanting you!

whkattk said...

@ MFP - It most likely was phimosis when they met/married. Phimosis will worsen over time, gradually tightening until it reaches the point he is currently.

T said...

Phimosis or not; wash your damn dick!!

Splashing some water on it is not enough. Soap up your hands and go at your dick as if your going to jerk off and the thing is clean. If your uncut just pull it back.

The guy needs to go to a doctor and also learn how to wash his dick. The wife should go to her own doctor too; with that dick not being able to be cleaned properly she could catch anything.

Genital hygiene should be a high priority.

Anonymous said...

I assume you mean pathological phimosis. It's normal for the foreskin to adhere to the glans at birth, but that's often misdiagnosed as phimosis. (Ignorance...) It usually separates by age 5, and it's separated in practically all males by 17. (Morning wood and masturbation cover the bulk of those who haven't separated by puberty.)

For the husband, all I can say is steroid creams. Also, how does he masturbate. The best way to separate the foreskin from the glans is to masturbate holding the penis with one hand and moving the foreskin back and forth.