Monday, February 18, 2019

Peak of Pleasure

Guys have often felt envy for the ability of women to have multiple orgasms. We'd love to be able to do that, we say. We can. Yes. It's entirely possible, without a doubt. Faithful Reader Fullmoonma attests to this in his blog detailing his daily practice.

But, before you can achieve this, you have to be able to separate an orgasm

from an ejaculation.
They are two completely different things.
Did you know that a man's orgasm actually happens first, before the ejaculation? The autonomic muscles of the prostate and testicles spasm which force the seminal fluids to exit the body.

As Joe Duncan points out in a recent article for MEL Magazine, "For women, sex is more experience-oriented, for men sex is more goal-oriented, to put it simply.
This is entirely understandable for both of the sexes, considering their biological make-up calls for different things, if we’re talking simple procreation, men definitely need to achieve [ejaculatory] orgasm — women do not. So it makes complete sense that men are much more orgasm-focused than women."

That's fine if procreation is your goal. But, it would seem you'd want to enjoy the ride, extend the pleasure for as long as possible regardless of your sexual orientation. There are many different teachings available out there, from the religious (Tantric)
to practical (Body Electric) seminars.

It's not only physical acuity - it's mental as well. Learning to recognize the Point of No Return - that point where you cannot stop the ejaculation from happening; reaching a peak of pleasure without going over the edge.


SickoRicko said...

That's definitely true!

Erick said...

Hi. I read your blog everyday. Tks.. I have a question??? Today (for the first time) as I was starting to have my orgasm my Cock head started bleeding. I didn't cum in the end, we needed to clean up some blood on his chin, and on my hands.....

We are both HIV - but to the point.
What shud I do.Is there anything to be concerned about here? More lotion?

Xersex said...

very interesting!

whkattk said...

@ Erick - from where was it bleeding? How? Did it appear to be scraped, or cut? Or was blood oozing from the urethra? I need details. But, if it continues to happen, my first inclination is to tell you to head to an Urgent Care.

R Rad said...

I believe you are referring to "Edging" - where you bring yourself to the point just before you cum, then ease off. I recall a blog a while back dedicated to it. I had a boyfriend years ago who was a pro at it during mutual JO sessions while watching porn.

I also think lot has to do with physical stamina. When I was in better physical shape, I had no problems fucking for hours (I lasted four hours one night!). But I was in good, physical shape - good energy and a partner who was an equal reciprocal. Same with masturbation. Back in the day, I was even good for 3-4 cum shots (with distance) during a night-long mutual JO session.

Then we get older, (much)fatter, slower. We celebrate just the fact that HEY! There's morning wood! The fucking has a definite expiration time in minutes (leg cramp! Leg cramp!), and cum tends to keep leaking out well after the event has passed (in bed, it's not so bad; it's AFTER you get dressed you notice a wet spot...).

I find now that I am firmly in the later category (old, fat and slow); long foreplay is marvelous - probing, rubbing, squeezing muscles of my husband prolongs the finale. And trust me; when you are into the moment - the parts work and hang around for the duration. As we learned this past weekend, we made it last almost an hour.

Erick said...

No It just started bleeding from my glans. It totally was a downer. I was so close to blasting a load on his face

taotrojan said...

My words completely.

whkattk said...

@ Erick - you may have scraped or cut it. Many times we get so caught up and carried away that we lose ourselves in it to the point we don't notice. On the other hand, are you cut or uncut? Did the foreskin suddenly tear away from the head?

I thought you might try using the Liquid Skin on the injury to help protect the glans while it heals.

Unknown said...
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