Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Low Hangers

"Thanks for a fantastic site BTW - you have potentially educated more folks on men's health than the magazine of the same name. - Gaynboston"
Thanks for that comment. I do tend to be bit more frank, as it were. 'Course, it helps that I use explicit photos to illustrate the information, too. Speaking of informing:

"I have a weird question for you. My nuts always hang but I noticed something recently. At a club over the weekend some girl knelt in front of me and proceeded to suck me off right there. I'm not complaining, it was hot. But I did notice that my sack had scrunched up before it hit open air. It certainly wasn't cold in there with so many people. Why weren't my low hangers hanging?"
The scrotum is an unusual thing, isn't it? It reacts, as we all know, to temperature; cold it scrunches to lift the testicles closer to the body, warm and it loosens up to allow them to escape the heat of the crotch. 

The ballsac will also tighten to give an assist to the Cremaster muscles when we ejaculate. As we approach orgasm, it will lift and support as we cum.

There is a third instance when the sac will also scrunch up. During a "fight or flight" response in our body. I'm guessing - even though your cock was hard as nails and you were thoroughly enjoying the blow job - that your balls were responding to the possibility of being caught.
So, that little bit of "fright" involved in getting your cock sucked in a public place most likely caused the phenomenon you experienced.

The possibility of being caught and arrested - though, come on! you can't tell me people around you didn't notice - adds to the excitement for some folks. But the next time someone grabs your equipment in public, you might want to find a more sheltered setting. Allowing your ballsac to remain relaxed might get you some extra attention.


Xersex said...

interesting ...

Anonymous said...

I have learned alot from you. You have made me sleep naked (which is wonderful). I jerk off each morning and every time i go to bed. I feel much more comfortable about my own body now because of you. And now i know what are turn on/offs for me because i explore my interests

SickoRicko said...

Great pix and an education!

that one guy said...

The "fright" ingredient is there for sure, but I feel like the tightening/ loosening of the ballsac can also be a general indicator of "excitement" vs. "relaxation." In a totally safe & secure setting, with a familiar partner, it can still get tight if you're excited about getting laid: say if one of you has just returned from a trip and you've been eagerly awaiting the reunion. If it's a comfortable and relaxed (it's Saturday night, we're not mad at each other, we're cuddling on the couch and it's a natural progression to continue things in the bedroom), then the ballsac is more likely to stay loose.

Just my observational data, based on a very small sample size :-)

BTW, look up "dartos muscle." It's the muscle we're talking about here: it tightens the skin of the scrotum.

Sometimes in porn (as well as in real life), you will see a guy hard and ready, and even squirting, with his balls drawn up tight (that's the cremaster at work) and his sack flapping loose (dartos). It looks a little strange because we're used to seeing them both work together. I guess it means he is super comfortable in front of a camera crew? :-)

JiEL said...

I'm surprised of what this guy asked as question about his sack behaviors.

Every men knows it: your sack will react to it environment and some excitation.
Must know also that those are designed to maintain a lower temperature than your body's to be able to produce your spermatozoids. Many studies said that wearing tight pants or undies isn't good for your sperm production.
Many are non fertile because of that too.

So, the best is to «free ball» as often as you can.

BTW, as a gay porn watcher it's most likely that I see balls getting high in the scrotum when the man ejaculates. That is so exciting to see also for me….

mistress maddie said...

I always seem to have lowhangers. I like them like that except when I sit on one sometimes.

Jean WM said...

Learn something new every day, thanks for the ongoing education. All the trains on Strike today. Hugs and bisous.

Your French Patrick said...

No doubt that you have educated a lot of men and women about a lot of things, and we can only be thankful, but I regret that there is nearly no message of prevention against venereal diseases or unwanted pregnancies.
For instance, Allen Stewart Königsberg, more known as Woody Allen, has said: A word about oral contraception: I asked a girl to sleep with me and she said "no".

Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, Men's Health has a lot of woowoo. Can't be too surprising: Rodale thought he would live to be 100, then died on national television.

Most MH woowoo comes in the form of diet stuff, supplements (a catch-all category that basically means the FDA can't touch it, it has a disclaimer saying the FDA can't touch it, and this disclaimer actually attracts more customers), and circumcision advocacy, which was a thing they did in the aughts for some reason.

whkattk said...

@ thatoneguy - Yep. The Cremaster and Dartos muscles can act independently at times - which means the Cremasters will pull the balls up to cum, the Dartos will remain relaxed. The Dartos can scrunch the sac and the Cremasters aren't pulling up. Weird, eh?

whkattk said...

@ mistress - Youch! I have a young friend who has that issue as well. It's the reason he wears boxer briefs most of the time.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I hope the strike doesn't last too long. Though, isn't walking around Paris "a thing?" Don't do too much, though. Relax and enjoy your time there! Hugs and bisous!