Friday, February 1, 2019

Personal Barometer

Thank you for the comments and emails - they really do help, you know. If I'm being totally honest, depression sets in when dealing with days such as I've had for almost an entire week. Your emails and comments lift my spirits.
I'm doing a bit better this morning - woke to less pain. My personal barometer was proof of that.

That means less pain med needed. Which, in turn, means I might actually get some chores done.

Then maybe I'll get back to reading one of my Christmas gifts. (Current: Blood and Fire, George R.R. Martin)
Happy Friday.
Have a good weekend.


Xersex said...

this means that our blogfamily works!
have a nice weekend you too

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a complete revival. The rise in your "personal barometer" is a good indication. - Dad

that one guy said...

Glad to hear things are improving for you.

I can vouch for the depressing effects of pain (although the pain situation I've been dealing with is nothing like our host's), and also for the positive effect of supportive comments.

Hope you can keep your chin (& everything else) up!

AOM SoulFood said...

Yo, Bro! So glad to hear you are feeling better today. I understand about that depression when we are in pain - it really takes a lot of mental work to keep our emotions up. I often meditate on all those good memories that make me feel good and glow remembering those special moments from my life. Keep the sunshine shining in your heart, my Friend. You are loved and admired. I hope you continue to feel better so you can come do some chores around my house! : ) Love you, bro. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Your French Patrick said...

I read that the Super Balls will take place on next Sunday. No doubt, thanks to your recommendations of every 15th of the month, all your readers all have really super balls. If, in addition, between them, your barometer agrees to keep steady, I have nearly no need tp wish you a great weekend. I do it anyway. Have a great weekend, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Mistress Maddie said...

WOW-WEE! Is that you smiling holding that book?!?! So handsome!

We have a cold one here this weekend. Im breaking my hibernation tonight to go out for dinner in New Hope with the boys and then we can all hopefully cuddle!!!!!!

Otherwise im staying in for the rest of the weekend I tell you that. Have a great weekend my friend.

SickoRicko said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

I posted a little something this morning to help you.

Bruce Jensen said...

We are happy to hear when you have good days.
Here's hoping for many, many more.
Sending you cyber-hugs.
Bryn and Bruce

Gabriel said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Hope you have a relaxing and pain-free weekend. Much love!

Mark Greene said...

Yes! So sexy pics.

Anonymous said...

It’s great you keep posting and I think you see how grateful and supportive everyone is. Get better soon!