Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bevy of Boners

My very good blogger buddy, Phil at AOM Soul Food, provided such inspiration with his post today that I decided I had to follow suit. So, here's a bevy of boners for your Thursday enjoyment.


Queer Heaven said...

I love that title "bevy of boners"!
I might have to use it for a post of mine.

Your french Patrick said...

LOL, my dear Pat, did you realize that the most part of the beautiful cocks above are cut in honor of the religion?

Sometimes the religions do or lead us to do things which can seem strange.
Know you that there are Catholics who were sanctified because they had eaten crusts of lepers?
Do you know that in India there are some people who, so as to deserve the paradise, condemn themselves in sacrifices as by examples to remain all the rest of their lives without putting the left foot on the ground or with the right hand raised in the air?
LOL, no, I do not say that to invite to make it.
Have a great day and plenty of bisous.

becca said...

thank you yep that's all just thank you


A fantastic post! #2 - for me, please! I might steal that photo and use it on my blog sometime! Please! Hugs, Patrick

O!Daddie now at said...

I love Paddy O'Brien with a haircut - have never seen that one before. (after Paddy in the Daisy Dukes)

whkattk said...

@ LP - Be my guest, my lord! Enjoy him!

whkattk said...

@ YFP - Mon ami, you always amaze with your knowledge. Bisou!

whkattk said...

@ becca - you're welcome, sweetie! (Glad you could stop by!)

Your French Patrick said...

If that amuses you or interests you, I have tons of short histories as those. Especially about the religions.
For example you know that in the Middle Ages the Roman Catholic Church forbade to eat meat on Friday. Only the fishes were authorized. If you ate a chicken, you were condemned to be burnt alive in front of the public. But if you ate a duck, no problem, the duck was considered as a fish because it went on the water.
And in the time the church had not yet given up the dogma of papal infallibility.
What reminds me that, always in the Middle Ages, when we could not arrest a murderer we condemned his weapon and we destroyed it, and the affair had the binding force of the res judicata, what means that the murderer could show himself and boast of his crime without any risk because it was an ended affair.
Have a great weekend, my dear Pat.