Friday, September 20, 2013

Yes, Everyday!


My gosh! it's Friday again! The week went by extremely fast. But, I'm realizing, the older I get the faster it feels the time rushes by; we blink and, it would seem overnight, the pubes have gone grey, the cock doesn't get hard as fast as it once did, the cum doesn't blast as far.

Of course, there are things we can do (besides eating healthy, staying active,) to stave off those effects of aging: Exercise your pecker. That's right, exercise it. Get it good and hard as often as possible

and stroke out a load at least once a day.

Keep it in shape!
Expose it to some fresh air, let it breathe.

Have a great weekend. And guys, exercise that cock!









Justin said...

Have a good weekend too bud. Of course I take all your advice on board.

TornJeans said...

Good post and comments! Love the first pic!

JiEL said...

Nice post and accurate advices....

As I'm retired and live alone, I go naked all day long and, at the end, I wank and spread it out every day...

The feeling is so HOT and doing it just before going to bed avoids taking sleeping pills and it's far more «enjoyable» and «relieving»...

Have a nice weekend.

Your French Patrick said...

You are right, my dear friend it feels the time rushes by very fast, especially the time which is over.

So you'll don't be too sad too learn that I shall not be able to leave any more of comments until October 1st because of plumbing works at my home.
But my blog continues to work as usual (one post every hour 24/24) because I scheduled the next 12 days, and you can both go on visiting me @ to spice up your days as much as usually, and go on to provide me some of your always interrestings comments.
As for me, I shall do my best to have at least a daily look at your blog.

Have a wondrous weekend followed by a wondrous week and as much bisous as necessary until I come back.

Goodbye, I have to go to re-blog your magnificent photo N°4 urgently.

AOM said...

Hey Brother, Would you please come over and give me some coaching! : ) Great inspiration. Thanks! Have a super weekend, bro! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Justin said...

forgot to add amazing pics

Jay Shelly said...

"old Wise One". I will turn 60. In a couple of days and up until I was in my mid 50 I could win 99% on shooting contests! both distance and volume. In the last couple years it has gone down and down to the point I am luck if I get any at all shooting out of my best friend. As you might think I am pretty worried about this and always joked that I would be in a circle jerk club shooting cum at age 90, but here I am dried up. Any think you can suggest, and yes seen several docs all of who blame it to age and over use. I don't agree, age is designed to make you better and I am not sure you can over jack your meat. Your thoughts please

O!Daddie now at said...

62.5 at the moment and there's definitely been a big decline in everything but my libedo in the past decade. High blood pressure, diabetes, enlarged prostate all contribute. "Age and over use?" Seriously?? Have you had a prostate exam lately? Blood work? Thought about finding a new Internist??

whkattk said...

@ TJ - I thought you might enjoy that one!

whkattk said...

@ JiEl - Yep, being naked all day and ending each day with a good wank does help a guy relax and drift off to sleep.

whkattk said...

@ YFP - Mon ami! I hope your plumbing problems get taken care of post haste and without any undue surprises. Home repairs are always a headache! Please accept my daily bisous! And, of course, I will continue to drop by your blog and leave my comments.

whkattk said...

@ AOM - You, my brother, shall be first on my list for lessons - as if you'd need any!! Hugs and strokes, buddy!

whkattk said...

@ Jay - First off, Happy Birthday!!
Well, it sounds like a doc who doesn't really know enough about the male apparatus. Too much jacking off??? That ain't it. Nope.

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