Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Touch Yourself

Your damn right it is!!! Especially if it may save your life.


A comment from a Faithful Reader made me feel like this blog really can make a difference. I thank all my readers for their comments and messages - they keep me going.

He finally took my constant nagging lectures to heart and booked an appointment after discovering a change in his testicles. He left his comment after getting the results back - Nothing real serious, but minor surgery recommended. I hope he'll keep me abreast of the situation.


Other than being able to report on that ... all I have to offer today is this:













I hope you weren't disappointed...


Queer Heaven said...

No disappointment here! I am at work eating my lunch and what has happened? All these Dick pics has given me an afternoon boner!

Your French Patrick said...

Yesterday, I was talkative so I will be brief in order to restore a good average.
Touching myself is worth an eternity in hell, especially if I can continue to touch myself to hell and not to heaven.
I am not going to spend my life with arms in cross as a scarecrow to avoid to touch myself.
LOL, at least to piss or wasch!
The time when the children who wanked were tied to the four corners of their bed when they were not locked up in alienated asylums is over.
Have a great day and lots of bisous, my dear friend

Your French Patrick said...

Postcriptum: Great photos, my dear Pat! I'll share N°2, 3 & 11, and they are not the only ones to deserve to be shared.

Justin said...

I am so going to hell, hope the devils one sexy guy.

O!Daddie now at http://smokeyandme.typepad.com/ said...

My feeling is that it's gonna be SRO in Hell over this issue - BTW, it's so nice to be validated - makes all the hard work worth it, yeah??!!!

AOM said...

Amen Brother! Amazing to me that the Bible goes to great detail to specify all the sins that are possible to commit and yet Masturbation is not mentioned - how can a group make a whole religion out of making it a sin when the Bible does not. It is a natural function that is a gift. Have a super day bro! Hugs and Strokes, AOM

Anonymous said...

how could you not enjoy your cock or someone elses?isn't that why we have them?its about feeling good for some private time,away from the crazy world!bob

Anonymous said...

forgot-great shots again today! great bodies and cocks ;) oh also great looking balls!

Your French Patrick said...

@ AOM:
My dear Phil, you are right on one point.
It is absurd that any individual can transform his hallucinatory delirium into religion to exploit the credulity of the innocents who adhere to his fantasies.
It's somewhat as if whoever could create his own government of the USA.
There is, said one, only a single God and there should be that a single church. We are far from it!
On the other hand it is false that the Roman Catholic Church (and the most part of the others) does not condemn the masturbation.
We must be pure so that the spirit of God can penetrate into us.
The masturbation is considered as a venial sin, but which requires all the same that we confess and that we pay by the prayer: a paternoster and two ave Maria.
Moreover it is very simple: for all which concerns the sexuality we should make as the animals to whom the male is rutting only if the female is in heat and which not copulate that for the reproduction.
Remind that it is why the church condemns the use of the condom.
All the rest, inclusively the masturbation, is only vice and fornication.
Best regards and lots of bisous.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing quite like a helping hand as we can see in
photo 5.