Wednesday, September 18, 2013

(Who's Responsible) For Getting You Off


The #1 reason (co-habitation) relationships break up is money. #2 is sex. It seems since the advent of easy access that more and more men are getting into trouble with partners because of surfing porn and jacking off.

As a female character stated in last night's episode of The Mindy Project, "What's wrong with masturbation? I do it all the time. In fact, I just did during this meeting."


Ladies, I have to tell you something you may not like hearing. You make sex too much like work for us guys. It's not that we expect to lie there and be serviced, or that we don't want to have to put any effort into it at all. But, let me ask you this: Who is responsible for your sexual gratification and release; for your orgasms? You could help, you know. We know your hands reach that far.

And guys, don't think you're off the hook here! You cannot expect a partner to please you whenever you want (need) the release. You want to cum, wrap your hand around that boner during sex.

It's one of the differences I've noticed with women vs men. Sex with women seems to require that we do not stroke our cocks - especially when we shoot that load. But, male partners don't mind if you're playing with your own cock, teasing your own balls. And I've never had a male partner bitch if I grab my cock when I'm ready to cum. And they never complain if I blast that load of jizz all over them.

Yes, it's nice to be able to lie back and let someone else do all the work until you cum.


But, jacking off is part and parcel of a man's sexual repertoire - even when with a partner.






iama[GAY]keeper said...

no one can do me better than me

Your French Patrick said...

LOL, those who make sex for money combined the first two positions of the ranking.
Have a great day, my dear Pat, and lots of bisous.

Justin said...

women are like ewww, men are like yummo.

Anonymous said...

my wife kind of sucks with sex now,doesn't want cum in mouthur on face cant fuck her ass(it hurts and we havn't done it for so long)wtf-good time to start up?it's like my turn your turn(not very fun)just need to get cum out !

O!Daddie now at said...

"it's nice to be able to lie back and let someone else do all the work until you cum."

Sure is !!!, but as the GayteKeeper says...

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Yep, we just need to get the cum out... These are the times we must not be held captive! Go find a j/o group and enjoy yourself again.