Thursday, September 26, 2013

Requisite Parts


I missed posting yesterday, but sometimes shit happens, eh? Though my mechanic doesn't look like that!


So, I had planned on following up on Tuesday's post about becoming comfortable with our man bits. I got over my shyness and embarrassment during my stint in the military. As I said, there was no such thing as privacy, really. And I realized that what I had was no different than any other guy; that the morning hard-on was normal, that horniness and boners were normal, that jacking off was normal.

I don't feel the need, or urge, to post mirror selfies like so many dudes do these days just to prove all that is normal. But, on the nude beach, or the nude cruises, or at the clothing optional resorts, it never entered my mind that someone could have (and probably was) snapping pictures of my naked ass. As a result, there are probably photos of me floating around out there in the ether. If someone who knows me saw them, what would be their reaction? "Well, will you look at that! The dude has a penis...and balls." "Holy shit! is he sporting a semi?"

I'm sure it would be more like, "Jesus! would you look at that droopy ass and those love handles!" LOL.

Let's assume - pretend, if you will - that nudity is completely acceptable. And, further, that there isn't anything about your body that you don't like. Would you try to hide your man bits from someone taking candids? 











Or, let the world see that you have all the requisite parts that a male of the species should have?


Justin said...

Love all these pics.

Selfies say more about the personality than the body.

Your French Patrick said...

If candids means "unposed photos, often taken without the subjects knowledge" (Urban Dictionary), it seems obvious that I shall not try to hide my man bits from the photographer... since that occurs outside of my knowledge.

I do not like selfies, but it is only because they are generally of a low technical quality and not for what they represent.

Have a great day, my dear Pat.
Lots of bisous.

becca said...

i pretty sure if anyone saw me nekkid they run screaming for sure

becca said...

oh and hi sorry i've been MIA been busy with son and school activities

TornJeans said...

Your first pic is hot! Woof!

Anonymous said...

what great looking guys with great bodies and beautiful cocks:) thx for the great post again :)bob

O!Daddie said...

I have all the same parts as these guys, just not as photo worthy ☺☺

Upton King said...

I would love to be perfectly candid with that dude in pic #6! Woof. And thanks for numbering your photos! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

whkattk said...

@ Upton - You can thank Your French Patrick for the numbering on the photos... He's the one who encouraged me to do so.

whkattk said...

@ becca - thanks for taking the timne to drop by again! I love knowing you're around - and contributing!

Your French Patrick said...

LOL, my dear Pat, not "encouraged", I do know that the right word is "harassed".
Sorry, but you do not get something for nothing.