Monday, September 9, 2013

Welcome to the Group


I've got the greatest bunch of Faithful Readers. So many contribute to the success - well, I hope that's what it is - of this blog. Comments and emails spur me on with observations and questions, and I love it!


And, now it's time to welcome another new bunch of Faithful Readers - well, they've signed up to be such, anyway. Please feel free to join in the discussions - and enjoy the entertainment.













Anyway, Welcome to the ever growing circle of friends here at the
Big Whack Attack!

There's always room for more!

Photo numbers have been added to ease comments, as suggested by Faithful Reader Your French Patrick. Bisous, Patrick!


mistress maddie said...

There is something magical and fun about the number three, I've always enjoyed, besides the threesome of course.

Justin said...

yeah pic 3 is how all men should spend time together.

Justin said...

Well all the pics is how men should spend time together but I love 3 the best

Your French Patrick said...

The fight was long, laborious, difficult, but due to driving home my point, by hammering away with solid arguments, finally the victory of the strength of though is there and I savor it with enjoyment: THE PHOTOS ARE NUMBERED!!!
Thanks, my dear Pat.

The faithfulness of the readers does not confront among comments, I am sure that you have a lot of them who are very faithful and leave little or no comments because they do not have time or do not know what to say. LOL, yet it is easy, it is enough to make as me and to say any silly thing.

I would have been able to choose one or several of these photos to illustrate the third birthday of my blog, on October 3rd of this year, if I had not already one and I am sure that you will understand that I keep it. Have patience.

Have a great day, my dear friend, and a lot of bisous.

Stan said...

the more the merrier!

AOM said...

What fun happy groups! Sure would love to join in. Thanks for all the fun, horny pix, brother. Wishing you all the best. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

O!Daddie now at said...

#2, Paddy O'Brien is all the group I would ever need, especially since he's turned versatile and now bottoms.