Friday, January 10, 2014

Innate Maleness

(I don't know why this didn't publish yesterday - it said it did; I even "viewed" the post. But, Blogger has been misbehaving a lot this week.)
So, to follow up on yesterday's post:


Straight guys, whether you are single, married, or shacking up with someone - if conversation with your male friends takes a turn toward masturbation allow yourself the freedom to tell each other -  it's perfectly fine to admit you enjoy whacking off. "It sure beats a case of Blue Balls, right?" might be one way to approach it. And, you'd be surprised to find how readily the rest of your mates will fess up that they take matters in hand, too.



If that conversation then presents the opportunity to stroke cock, take advantage of it. "Hey, let's break out some porn." It's how many Jacks groups break the ice for their attendees. A little cock play through pants turns to bared boners and open enjoyment.






And it in no way means you've suddenly become gay - - or even bi. Sexual orientation doesn't work that way. It simply means you've given yourselves the freedom to express your innate maleness: The enjoyment of your cock.







Fluffy33 said...

The majority of people catergorize sexuality in three ways: Homosexuality, Heterosexuality, and Bisexuality. but they forget about the oldest, most basic sexualities: Male Sexuality and Female Sexuality.
And of those two, Male Sexuality is talked about the least.

And when it is, it is in a derogatory way. Referring to the amount of porn men look at, of how dergrading of women it is, how dirty and perverted and wrong it is to masturbate. That we're losers for engaging in "that type" of activity.

It's almost as if we as men are not allowed to be sexual in any other way other intercourse with another person.

We do share an Innate Maleness, a Male Sexuality, and it revolves mostly around our Penises. Homo, Hetero or Bi, we love cock and we love masturbation.

Unlike women, we don't have a monthly cycle which governs our bodies reproductive nature, and they forget that. Our testicles are producing sperm every second of the day from the moment they start to do so, keeping us constantly prepared for sexual action and activity.

We are buzzing with this sexual energy every day, who better to understand, appreciate and share it with than another man?

Fluffy33 said...

I should add that men themselves don't neccessarily help reverse this negativity.

Commenting on who is a "wanker", "tosser" or "jerk-off".
Making fun of another man because he doesn't have a girlfriend/boyfriend or, "probably" sits at home all night wanking to porn instead of having sex.
That "you just need to get laid", when in reality a really good wank with or without a male buddy would probably be much much better.

We all do it, we all enjoy it. Why deny it?