Monday, January 20, 2014

Bravo, Men!

I'm totally impressed with the response from you guys! Thank you so much.
Straight dudes - You outdid yourselves this time and I'm extremely grateful for that! Sometimes it's difficult, at best, to be honest about this but you were.
As evidenced by a sampling of the responses it's a damn common activity when we're young and plenty who still do - or would if the opportunity, ahem, arose:

"Yes, I have.   It's a blast.  There is an informal group of guys who I meet with once in a while.   It's a mix of young, old, straight, gay, fit, no-so-fit guys.   But even with all of those differences, there is one thing guys have in common - we like to jack off.  And it's a chance to let all the barriers down and just be real with other guys.    Once you have jacked off with another guy, you've reached a level of familiarity than can't be found otherwise.  It's a good feeling."

"...if the opportunity arose I would take it now. But it must be safe..."

"Would I participate in a circle jerk or a buddy jerk……come on??? ABSOLUTELY!! I love my partner and am faithful, but given the chance for a good old buddy circle jerk, partner included or not - I would love it.  Would not consider it cheating either, just good old bro fun."

"I was born with a libido in overdrive. Many circle jerks when we were kids. Would I do it now? In heartbeat. Sadly, many men think that's a gay thing. The type of sex a man has isn't what makes him gay. I masturbate every day, sometimes multiple times. Wife's gone off sex. I'm 73 and as hard and horny now as when I was a kid."

"I dont have any brothers or older cousins that im close enough to have done that, but I have with best friends over the years, and I would totally do it now if I had the opportunity to."

"...I showed my little bro what it was all about (I saw that he'd watched me from outside my bedroom window). Since then have had lots of group sex and will most certainly continue to do so as the opportunity arises :-)"

It's my hope that this might encourage others to admit - even if only to themselves - that guys whacking off together is not indicative of sexual orientation. It's simply an activity which we all have in common, it's pleasurable; it can be a learning experience (particularly when we're young) to see how others derive pleasure, tricks to make that pleasure last longer, and it's fun besides!















Xersex said...

as I told you last post, I've neved had the opportunity and I've been so shy, till my 25 yo. But now I take part to orgies! And I have become a bit exhibitionnist. I'm happy for this!


Great post again. So pleased that people have responded well!

Your French Patrick said...

A circle has no beginning and no end. Thus, a circle jerk should have no beginning and no end, isn't it, my dear Pat?

I like the N°4. I bet that their hands will move from behind their own buttocks! But who know. The suspense is breathtaking!
I'll reblog your N° 6 & 11.

Have a wondrous day, my everything on earth, and lots of my more affectionate bisous.

TornJeans said...

Glad it all went well. I am finding more and more as time goes by, that men would enjoy jacking together, straight, gay, bi. Interesting! Glad your blog brings men together for a common goal!

Anonymous said... is terrific. There's often all the appropriate info at the suggestions of my fingers. Thank you and maintain up the superior work! wish you all the best in 2014!

Fullmoonma said...

It's kind of weird that you have to keep reassuring your straight readers that they aren't gay if the jack off with another guy. That's true enough, but us gay guys like circle jerks too!

whkattk said...

@ Fullmoonma - You gay and us bi men don't need reassurances, do we? We love cock and enjoy it without reservation... Our straight brothers need the reaffirmation - LOL.

Anonymous said...

I find your blog entertaining and educational.

I think you probably have more straight guys following (or at least checking in on) your site than you think.

Please throw us a "bone" once or twice a week with a hot photo of a dick in action with a hot babe.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - I'm truly glad you have left the comment and I thank you for it. I shall try to do better on that score!

Taylor Hinds said...

Wow! First time I leave a comment and it gets used in a post? Im flattered! Ive been reading this blog for over a year now, hell i tell my friends about it!

Just glad theres something like this on the web. Best blog ive read...well ever! Keep up the good wood..I mean work ;)

whkattk said...

@ Taylor - I'm really glad you like the blog. I hope you'll keep contributing!

Yvonne Wilson said...

I'm curious if image 3rd from bottom is labeled as badcum229 because the cute young man shot his load before his friend could do the same. In that case, it looks like that horny guy had a lot to unload...some on his friend's balls, and then the remainder on to his own smooth body. It looks like his friend is coaxing his load, and will likely shoot it on to cutie's stomach area. Us straight women enjoy your blog, and we sure like that image. I don't imagine the cutie viewed his horny load as a bad episode. Please let us know, here, if we corrrectly guessed the Properties title means they missed a frotting with both cuming together. They are normal like Straights. We seem to crave together at the same moment. Should you be curious, my girl friend and I both need 20-40 minutes of steady thrusting to climax, even if we are young/healthy/sexy/horny. It baffles us, but we're glad it takes that long. I love my husband's happy expression when he's in to minute #30, and sees he gets to keep coaxing. He describes his huge load as feeling thick, and shoots about 25wads, vs. about 10 if it's a quickie at 10 minutes.

whkattk said...

@ Yvonne - I'm very happy that you have left a comment - and equally happy to learn that the straight ladies enjoy the blog!

I think you misread the property of the the photo. It it labeled bUdcum... As in buddies cumming together - not necessarily simultaneously, just that the photo depicts two male friends who've enjoyed themselves together.

Your husband shows great stamina! The typical man can thrust for about 11 minutes before he shoots. Women do need more stimulation than we men, that's for sure - and I'm glad you've got a guy who has learned to control his orgasms.

The longer it takes a guy to cum, the larger the load will be - and possibly thicker (dependent upon his fluid intake).

Thanks for leaving the comment - and I hope you'll continue to contribute!!

Yvonne Wilson said...

Back with apology for misreading "budcum" as "badcum". Other sites with the image have spelled it wrong. Now it makes sense. That photo which turns me on a lot is nice, in that the cute man has content expression on face. He enjoys the activity, as an everyday event, like we do. You are correct when my husband holds his horny load back for 45 minutes or more. One time, I asked him to withdraw just before climaxing, and he shot the largest 25-wad load you could ever imagine. All over my body. It was so sexy to me, but he said he missed the warmth and smooth vaginal walls. He lays still while ejaculating, all the way in.

whkattk said...

@ Yvonne - If your husband misses the warmth and smoothness when he cums on you (rather than IN you), yet you enjoy watching him shoot, perhaps he might (occasionally) lay his erection along your abdomen. If he places a hand over the shaft for top warmth, your body will supply heat along the underside of his shaft, and he can hold steady while he shoots and you still get to see the show.
Maybe he needs to understand that it's hot to see him cum - knowing YOU made it so. It's sexy as hell to watch a guy unload and see the expression on his face, knowing I had something to do with it.

Round Butt Guy said...

Yes, the women sure like the few guys who have round butts. I'll explain further down. Wanted to comment that image 13 is getting popular on images searches. It is -the- sexiest one on the Internet. A very handsome young man who may have shot most of his own load on to himself. His buddy might have asked him to do that, so he could have a more arousing site, as he massaged his tardy load. If it was me, I'd prefer to lay down on the cute guy and slowly frot the load. Like maybe 30 minutes of intentionally leisure pleasure. ((((((((( I can assure you women love seeing guys with bubble butts, especially in tight jeans.

whkattk said...

@ Round Butt Guy - Hey, thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll keep coming round and contribute to the conversations here! Yes, it's a known fact that women love a guy with a nice round ass - my wife always comments to me when she sees one she likes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Image 13 cute guy is one of the best around. Informal votes from M/F straight and gay rate it highly.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I'd think that anyone would find it a great picture - even straight dudes.

Shawn Lechtner said...

2 guys here. I'm straight and my friend is bisexual. I highly enjoyed 2 prolonged one-hour slow frottings with him thus far, in last several months. We've studied the image 13, and are pretty sure the cute younger guy couldn't hold his large and itchy load any longer. He somehow got the load on to his own very, very sexy smooth body. None on his friend's organ, if you study close. Anyway, the other guy should not pass up the opportunity to masturbate his load for about 30 minutes, while looking at the cute partner's great body. Then let that supercharged load gush. This is the best frot photo ever seen. Tasteful, sexy, and Premature guy takes it in stride.

whkattk said...

@ Shawn - Thank you SO much for stopping by and leaving your comment on this post. It's straight and bi dudes like you two who give me hope for the future of men: That the straight men can understand that have a good time with a buddy and enjoying your cocks means just that; having a good time with a buddy enjoying their cocks.

I hope you guys will continue to stop by, read, and join the conversations.

Chuck Hazenbrink said...

I completely agree that cute young man in image 13 shot his own load on himself. Although straight, the image sure makes me horny. I'm hoping to have a frot experience with a friend soon. We're both 22. If we like it, we'll just continue to share it regularly, and not think it unusual at all. Thanks for your greay web site !

whkattk said...

@ Chuck - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I really appreciate hearing from the straight guys.

It's pretty normal for straight men to find the sight of a cumming cock makes them horny. It's why even the Straight Porn industry focises the camera on the man's dick as much as possible - especially when the dude cums.

I hope you and your buddy have a great time. Truly, there is nothing else like stroking off with a buddy.

Stop back and let me know how it went.