Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We All Enjoy a Good Circle Jerk

Society's sexual attitudes and mores are weird, aren't they? Faithful Reader, Fullmoonma, reminded me that I spend an inordinate amount of time reassuring the straight dudes that jacking off with other guys doesn't affect their orientation, and goes on to say that us gay [and bi] guys enjoy a good circle jerk, too! Oh, my, yes! Yes we do!
I responded that the straight guys need reassurances that we don't. But, I wonder if I also do it [reminding] to help spread the word to the entire straight community. The Ladies who read have husbands and significant others who might also need the reassurance that their partners haven't crossed over (nor will they).
They also have sons. We all know the reaction of some parents to the knowledge of their sons' sexual activity. It's better for those folks to be aware that mutual masturbation is common and has no bearing whatsoever on what direction those sons will move toward in adulthood.

For me, intellectually anyway, gay sex includes an exchange of a very broad range of activity. Jacking off is just ... well, jacking off is a simply 'a guy thing'. No matter our sexual orientation, we enjoy it and do it. We can sit in a room with a buddy, or a bunch of men, and share the experience. We might even reach over to the guy next to us, wrap a hand around his shaft, and get him off. And easily accept reciprocation.





We might even be adventurous to go cock to cock with a guy.

But, the thought of doing anything further doesn't arouse the straight guy. He isn't about to lower his mouth over a cock, or engage in anal penetration - though seeing someone else in the room do it might be a total turn-on.


He'll stick to stroking and cumming.







TornJeans said...

Circle jerks are the best! Amen! Does not matter your sexual preference. Men are men and we have cocks to share and enjoy!
Love your frots pics of 10 and 11

Your French Patrick said...

Thanks a lot, my dear Pat for having not answered to my question of yesterday.
Thanks to that, thanks to you, I shall have no risk of catching a meningitis by satisfying me with copying it out:
"A circle has no beginning and no end. Thus, a circle jerk should have no beginning and no end, isn't it, my dear Pat?"
Have a wondrous day, my dear friend with plenty of bisous.


For me the ultimate gay experience is a really good, long fuck - receive or give or both! I remember being at a circle jerk and the guy next to me saying, "Watch me fuck that guy over there!" and he did in front of us all. I was wishing that someone would do the same to me!

Your French Patrick said...

@ TornJeans
Perhaps may you like this unusual frot pic:
Kindest regards.

O!Daddie now at http://smokeyandme.typepad.com/ said...

Maybe it's just me or my choice of associations or a regional thing, but in my personal experience, the "Gay Card" doesn't automatically bestow the freedom to enjoy our sexuality without guilt or criticism.

I have a pretty happy-go-lucky attitude in this regard and I've yet to meet a like-minded group of guys with whom I can share the joy.

AOM said...

Alone or in Pairs
We all want to share
It's Wanking! It's Wanking!
(sorry - the slinky commercial song)

Hey Brother of mine! great topic and discussion. We wish for a day for true sexual freedom of the societal mind. I especially enjoy the bonding and brotherhood that cums from these activities. Have a super hard squirting day, bro. Hugs and Strokes, AOM

whkattk said...

@ MFP - But, mon ami!!! If a circle jerk has no beginning - ***gasp*** - how in the world would you and I be able to join one and have fun???

(Isn't a circle "individual dots which curve"?) I never was very good at math!! LOL)