Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More on Mutual


This series of posts continues to receive comments and emails and I'm delighted! One guy had this to say,"I find your blog entertaining and educational. I think you probably have more straight guys following (or at least checking in on) your site than you think. Please throw us a "bone" once or twice a week with a hot photo of a dick in action with a hot babe."

I'm guessing he means something like this:

But, to get back on track... Yesterday, I moaned about society's sexual mores. I had lunch with some friends and the subject of sexual education came up and how terrible it is in the US that schools are not allowed to truly teach students about sex. One friend grew up in Mexico (not sure exactly where). As seems typical, their society is much more open about sex than the US, and that, evidently, includes masturbation.

In the sex ed class he attended students wore lab coats (perhaps so the young men could avoid embarrassment over boners?). One day the instructor split the class into 7 teams, called on the oldest male from each one, and handed them each a condom. He admonished the class there was to be no joking or laughing, that this was science. He then sent them to the men's room "to collect samples."

The 7 young men went to the men's room and masturbated together for their semen to be inspected under microscopes. The students were able to see the difference in size, quantity, and motility, etc. of the sperm. According to my friend, the teacher did not get into trouble for this, no parent went screaming to the principal or the Board of Trustees. What a huge difference between our societies! Here in the US sexual education and knowledge is suppressed to such a drastic degree that masturbation cannot even be discussed, let alone be condoned for a class.


Imagine how great it would be if the US could become that open. Perhaps the stigma of mutual masturbation would lift and disappear and all men could be open and honest about sharing an enjoyable activity whether it's in a group...






Or just a couple of friends enjoying some time together.




O!Daddie now at said...

I can just imagine the headlines!!


Very hot post again! Sex education is a "bone of contention" (pun intended) here in Australia!

Your French Patrick said...

I may be wrong, but I think that Mexico is much more open about sex than the US If you speak about what is authorized, but that in their private life the Americans are as much open, if not more.
I have more subscribers and visitors from the USA than from Mexico, but if I consider their number per capita it ends almost in a tie.
Have awondrous day, my dear Pat, and my bisous via self-service on a discretionary basis.

David Jeffreys said...

What wonderful sex education as described. First of all, there was the assumption that the "oldest males" knew all about how to produce a sample (suggesting that masturbation is OK). Second, it included some condom education. Third, it showed that semen is a "living" fluid that produces babies. I hope there were females in the science class as well.

When I was going through puberty, I worked in a research lab in the summer that had microscopes. Being horny, I often masturbated during the day in the men's room. One day, it suddenly occurred to me to place some of my cum on a microscope slide to observe. I was thrilled when I saw those little fellows swimming!

Xersex said...

Me, never seen my little Xersex swimming, but I'd be curious! Thanks God who created me gay, I couldn't male children, but I can't do nothing more than making sex & love!

However, I think the lesson was very exciting (maybe a bit exagerated???: ask to masturbate for a science lesson?)

My last post:

but soon I'll post some pics about masturbation & religions!

whkattk said...

@ David - Yes, my friend said there were girls in the class. I didn't think about it, but you are right. Many educational lessons for the students in that class.

whkattk said...

@ Xersex - No exaggeration at all that I could detect. I'd be disappointed if he did overstate what happened.

whkattk said...

@ MFP - Yes, **privately** the folks in the US can be open. There is a huge digression the minute you attempt to discuss things openly; our society seems to have to couch things in obtuse terms, rather than being open and honest, and sex education in this country is a joke.

Westernstock said...

A very interesting and constructive post, and so brightly illustrated!