Friday, January 17, 2014

Pud Pounding Pulse

"Guys jerk off, it's a fact of life."

"If a guy says he doesn't jerk off, he's either lying or dead."
(Quotes from friends of mine.)
Okay, I agree. But, here's something to ponder this weekend:
Did you jack off with a brother, cousin, or friend present when you were young and horny?


 Ever been in a circle jerk?




If given the chance, would you do those things now?









Please, leave a comment or send an email. Anonymous is fine - I just want to take the pulse here. Enjoy the weekend, my brothers, and I look forward to reading your answers...


Anonymous said...

I was born with a libido in overdrive. Many circle jerks when we were kids. Would I do it now? In heartbeat. Sadly, many men think that's a gay thing. The type of sex a man has isn't what makes him gay. I masturbate every day, sometimes multiple times. Wife's gone off sex. I'm 73 and as hard and horny now as when I was a kid.

Westernstock said...

Did not do anything with other guys as a youngster, right into my thirties. After than my answer to all your questions is yes!

Queer Heaven said...

As you answers to all IS a resounding YESS!


Never did anything with relations. Certainly had nude games with two of my friends while still young. As an adult have done most of the other things!

Anonymous said...

My younger brother (13 months younger) and I jacked off a few times together. I only participated in a circle jerk once, and one of the guys was more interested in my nipples than my dick. Yes, I would like to do even more than ever. Together is better.

Your French Patrick said...

I like (and reblog) the N°7 and the "D" gif.

"If a guy says he doesn't jerk off, he's either lying or dead." Lol, I wonder how make the catholic priests who made vows of chastity and who do not have the right to lie!
By the way, it should be noted that when they say that God exists, they do not lie: what they say is not true but they believe that it is true.
A lie, it is not when we say something false, it is when we say it by knowing that it is false.

Have a wondrous weekend, my dear Pat, and lots of bisous.

Fluffy33 said...

I have never masturbated with a friend or relative, and the only person I have wanked in front of, and been wanked by, was "supposedly" my one and only boyfriend.

And yes I would like to bate off with a friend and be part of a circle jerk. It's just unlikely to happen any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Does chastity also include loving one's self and masturbating?

Anonymous said...

My earliest experiences were with a female cousin. We were VERY YOUNG, and she taught me what she was learning from her backyard neighbor teen boy. Then circle jerks with buds camping out in woods near my house, led to first sucking a guy, though not to completion. The first time I saw anyone come, I was jerking a neighbor bud off in my tent in the back yard. I was 10 he was 13, and he convinced me to do it for him. It was amazing watching him shoot cum everywhere, and the fact that I made it happen. It was a couple more years before I started cumming. Later I introduced a younger male cousin to all of the above, including sucking each other. Never spoke of it again after growing up. Often wonder if he'd be interested now.

O!Daddie now at said...

A few circle jerks when I was young, never had the opportunity with more than one guy at a time so far as an adult and 'wood' I?


Anonymous said...

I have two brothers, one older, one younger, and we never engaged in any mutual activities. I sometimes think I was the only one born with a libido. LOL. I've given thought to jerking off with other guys, but never a circle jerk. Nowadays though it doesn't hold as much interest for me

Taylor Hinds said...

I dont have any brothers or older cousins that im close enough to have done that, but I have with best friends over the years, and I would totally do it now if I had the opertunity too.

Anonymous said...

Romping around with my raw male sex energy, with or in front of other guy(s), is a lot easier when you're younger without responsibilities and fear of being blackmailed to your boss or your wife.

It's sad but true.....BUT it's fun to think about the way things SHOULD be. However, after reality sets in, I wouldn't risk it for worry of unexpected complications afterwards with a career and/or marriage to potentially damage. And most likely, it (sadly) would be another male that would be flinging the damage.

So, it's safer to remember the good ole days of my mid to late teens when such things were more carefree and possible without the risk of major repercussions.

Seems like we have a long way to go before your enlightened vision of frank/unashamed maleness can congeal into reality in our society.

Xersex said...

I have neved done anything, I was sooooo shy! But now aged 40, I participate to orgies!!!

Jeffro said...

Was invited to a circle jerk, or more of a show an tell, by my neighbours when pretty young... watched entranced as each guy pulled out his cock. When it came to my turn I said "thanks guys" an ran away! musta been 6 or 7. But later I showed my little bro what it was all about (I saw that he'd watched me from outside my bedroom window)

Since then have had lots of group sex and will most certainly continue to do so as the opportunity arises :-)

Love your blog buddy- much love for sharing

Xersex said...

Happy new week in a gayromantic mood

TornJeans said...

Wow! What a response! Yes to all for me! It was my cousin I played around with! I was so horny in my teens! Found a sauna at the centre then so I hung out there a bit.

whkattk said...

@ TJ - Yes, I am amazed at the response this post has garnered - and grateful for it! The str8 guys who have answered gives me hope that the negative stigma attached to mutual masturbation will dissipate.

Anonymous said...

Growing up me and my brother jacked together a lot, we shared a bedroom, and were only 11 months apart. It made us really close, and no, we didn't think of it as gay. Now that I'm older, I would love to jack with friends and other guys, it just seems really impossible to make happen.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Brothers jacking together is so very, very common - and no, it does not make a guy gay in any way, shape, or form.

It can still happen - you just have to find the right moment and circumstance. Guys night out, or guys night in with a card game, or watching sports. Sometimes all it takes is someone broaching the topic of masturbation...

Anonymous said...

Did all that with friends, not brothers. But it was most of my friends. We drew the line at penetration, though.

whkattk said...

@ Anon - It's quite common among male friends. Drawing the line at penetration is not unusual - that's the point most males will decide is "gay" and they don't want that label.