Monday, October 3, 2016

Package Support

I hope everyone had a terrific weekend filled with fun, family, or friends.
Last week, the lovely Jean commented on two things; one for the post How Does Ejaculation Work / Cum Pain, saying (after watching the video) "one can really appreciate how many things can go haywire with the whole process..." of erections and ejaculation.





Yep. The male apparatus is, in many way, much more complicated than the ladies'. Without the ability to get hard


without the steady manufacturing process of the balls, and the ability to cum


well, then, as the character in Whose Life Is It, Anyway? states, it's a useless hunk of meat hanging between our legs.

Which brings us to her second observation on Naked As Always, when she asks, "don't you feel like you need some support for all that equipment? Do you ever get sore from going without shorts all day, or do you get used to it?"
Well, it depends on the activity. If it involves a lot of jumping around, then I do wear briefs or a jock strap. Otherwise, to be scrunched up, for me anyway, is very uncomfortable. That's why I freeball (unless I have dress pants on).
Normal movement doesn't jostle the balls to the extreme, so they don't get bruised or swollen. I'll admit that when I first began my nudist ways semi-hard-on's and full-on erections popped up on a regular basis. Then I got used to my cock swaying and the breeze tickling my balls. While it still feels nice, it no longer causes boners (not counting the standard BOE).
What's your experience, guys?
Do you prefer package support, or do you like to go nude?
When you do spend a lot of time naked, do you find your cock or balls get sore?


Queer Heaven said...

When I wear jeans I usually wear boxer briefs. I've never had any problem with my Dick or Balls getting soar when hanging out naked.

mistress maddie said...

When exercising and working I definitely need the support. But when home, on weekends and in the summer when wearing shorts, I actually like the feel of the meat hanging and swinging around.

Anonymous said...

I got epididymis and my urologist told me to get something with good support. I found underwear that lifts and that is all I wear now except when I go to the gym. For that I found some jockstraps that also lift. The ones that squish are not comfortable to me.

Xersex said...

believe me: the pics with cum you choose are great!

French Patrick said...

Bisous, Pat. Love, Jean.

SickoRicko said...

Naked is the way to go! Jerry and I can't wait to do yard work naked next summer. I hope you had a lovely day!

Fullmoonma said...

This is not a question a guy would ask!

Jean WM said...

One year older and lots wiser thanks to Pat's Blog! I've learned to respect how complicated are men.

But still, you all seem to be able to drop off to sleep in a nano second and sleep through a tornado! Hugs and bisous for the birthday boy too, and my buddy French Patrick.

Mickey Collins said...

Mickey from Johannesburg, South Africa
I am so infrequently "underpantsed" that to wear the bally things is uncomfortable. I am not vastly endowed which helps, and I have small nuts which are quite tight to the body. Occasionally when sitting down, said grapes get caught up, at which stage one needs to adjust with alacrity! even when doing katas etc, I almost never envelop them with anything.....
Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Due to the weather, I have to wear clothes MOST of the year. In the summer, I am at home a good bit of the time. I always go naked in the house & even in my back yd. if the neighbors to each side are gone (woods beyond there & back of me). I usually wear Jockey brand nylons that fit somewhat loosely. There is absolutely no difference for me if I am naked or have on underwear, and I had never even thought of the possibility that there could be a difference. - Wayne

Anonymous said...

Your blog is one of the 1st I read every day. Yesterday you mentioned that some guys due to what they have might at times need some support for their cock and balls.

But remember there are many guys (me for one) that only wish they had equipment needing support. Even with a boner, for me… not needed - S