Friday, March 22, 2019

What Say You?

Thanks, everyone. I've don'e blood tests already. Don't know what they could be looking for but, okay.... I've been placed on an aspirin regimen (the low doses don't seem to be kicking in the allergy symptoms). The retina dude will be doing some kind of test/procedure to find out if the current level of eye damage is permanent (most likely, it is).  I don't recommend being out on the road when I'm driving. 😉
Here's one from the Mail Bag for you all to ponder this weekend.

"My partner and I have a bit of a conundrum. We fostered (then eventually adopted) our son when his parents threw him out of the house because he is gay. We've always said he has no reason to be ashamed of his sexuality, or his body. Nudity was accepted, boners and semi-hard on's were normal. Masturbation is a natural thing. Okay, so far so good, right?

Here's the tough part. We all belong to the same gym and the manager asked us to have a talk with our son - who is now in his early 20's, single, and living in his own apartment. It seems he's been taking naked selfies in the locker room and showers, most with full erections and sometimes openly masturbating. Sometimes other guys get captured in these pictures in various states of undress. We did indeed talk to him. He has promised to stop getting unsuspecting men in the pictures. He says lots of guys post photos and jack-off videos online and doesn't see anything wrong with it.

We know he reads your blog because he's the one who introduced us to it. Maybe you and your readers could help us explain that this could backfire on him some day."

Um, he shouldn't feel ashamed of his sexuality, so that's good. He has no reason to be ashamed of his body or the way it functions, and that's good. Masturbation is indeed natural and healthy for him, and that's good. Everyone should be able to handle seeing the boners - the cock will do what it wants to do when it wants to do it. 

Selfies in the locker room are fine as long as others are not in the frame - yes, lots of guys do this.
Jack-off photos or videos - well, I think men have been doing that since the introduction of the Polaroid. Posting them online could cause trouble someday. He could lose the job he has or have trouble finding a new job. Because HR departments do more online research and background checks than ever before.
Unless he's hoping to land a job as a nude model and porn actor he should cease posting those anywhere on the internet.

Readers: What say you? 


JoyLovePeaceHappiness said...

It's sounds like you're awesome parents, and have an awesome son.
For me, it goes along the "consent" line. Yes, it's natural and normal to rub one out, but for many it's considered a sexual act, or solo sex. It's one of those things that isn't accepted in our Western society as something to be shared with the public at large.
Nudity is not lewdity, but many cities have laws against lewdness.
We emphasize consent when we have sex with a partner(s), the same generally holds true if you're in front of others.
Taking pictures of others, even in the background, especially when we can see their face and they're nude, is a Right to Privacy issue and could go to civil court.

SickoRicko said...

I agree with you 100%!

taotrojan said...

Yes, I agree bro. Sex is a human thing and should be free of walls holding us back. Pleasure is there for all. As far as posting pics of other bros without consent is a felony in most countries. So one must be aware of privacy issues. If they consent to it then Ok but only then, also still risky as one may change one's mind later.

Rad said...

Glad you are finding a path forward with your eye!

As for the son in the Email above - I laud the dads for providing an open and safe place for their son to live, but the son sounds like a bit of douche. There are times and places to masturbate - [apparently frequently] in a public shower... and taking selfies of it regardless of whomever is around, not so much.

The problem is not for the dads to solve. He is over 18 and should be the one to bare the brunt of his actions. If the health club as locker room etiquette policies that he's systematically violating, or being approached with numerous complaints, then it is up to the health club to bounce his ass out the door.

Mistress Maddie said...

I think he sounds like a bright and cool kid....and has a good head on his shoulders and I'm all for taking nude selfies and jacking videos....I even do it. But one must be respectful of the right time and place. Not everyone is as open and unashamed as some of us.

Have a great weekend Pat and readers!!!!!

Gabriel said...

Excellence advice! I think it is great that he is confident with his body. It is important though to respect others in that space and not capture them in his videos or photos. I have heard of a couple of stories where HR found out about nude postings and they either terminated or limited promotion opportunities. I would imagine that companies would be hesitant because of sexual harassment in the workplace and how they probably feel that someone that open about their sexuality would possibly cross that line with a co-worker. Better to enjoy the visuals in private.

Your French Patrick said...

Well noted, I shall avoid to be out on the road when you're driving. Especially if you are nude, wanking in front of your steering wheel.
I thank you for warning me, but that said, as long as I'm in France and you in the US, I do not worry too much.
On the contrary of all that is regarding your health and the results of the retina dude's tests.
I hope your pessimism has no other purpose than to avoid disappointment, but I fear the opposite.
Hugs and bisous, my darlings Jean and Pat.

Anonymous said...

Keep other men out of the frame. So, basically only do locker room selfies of you're alone.

JeanWM said...

It all makes good sense. If he’s got anything on the Internet he needs to get it off ASAP. This may come to haunt him and this can be the most important part of your advice. Landmark night, now all we have to do is put our faith in Mueller.

Hugs and bisous.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - We must keep the faith. I think and trust Mueller has done his job and done it well. The Orange One is crass and a criminal - we all know this - and we'll have to wait for sealed indictments to be open and other districts to handle all his crimes once he's out of the Oval room.