Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nature Is What Nature Is

I cannot lie...yesterday was filled with medical appointments from morning through late afternoon. As I mentioned to Lord Patrick, it's futile to attempt to manage a chronic, progressive disease, yet so many of us try anyway. :-) Silly us. Nature is what nature is.
But, I find that laughter really is the best medicine.
So does your bro standing behind you

Are you just gonna keep looking, or are you gonna reach over?

Probably true!

This soldier knows to follow orders!
In that case, I think I will.

Just exactly what are they competing for?

Just... LOL

If you're going to make us guess, we're not interested.

We intend to ask for proof before we pay

Could this be what drew in Justin Beiber?

The only pre-cum we hate!

And, like most women, we want lies.

If this would get more people reading, hell yeah!

NOW would some of you guys go get that annual physical?
Have a day filled with smiles and laughter!


French Patrick said...

I am saddened to learn that you were MIO yesterday for medical reasons, as well as by your disenchanted comment to Lord Patrick.
But when you say that laughter really is the best medicine I find the Pat who I love.
You are right, even if it is no less true (and much better) when we are not sick.
I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, and for one time, given the circumstances, on an exceptional basis, Jean will forgive me if you get one more bisou than those that I am sending to herself.

SickoRicko said...

Really terrific post! (I've been to that Dick's drive-in, when I lived in Seattle many years ago.)


Unfortunately, "LIFE" is a terminal illness! Great post as ever! Hang in there brother!

AOM said...

Thanks for the wonderful humor and laughs. I hope you feel better, bro. I'm sending you positive healing vibes and thoughts - Huggin, Lickin' and Strokin' you! AOM

Jean WM said...

Thanks for the cheer! It's hot and humid, the politics are grim, and the Olympics are ending. Hugs to Pat and Patrick.

SteveXS said...

A positive attitude is so much better than falling into despair. Good thoughts!

mistress maddie said...

Now that was a few good laughs!!! I may have to steal the Dick's Hamburger one! I figured you have been busy. Great mountain time up there. I had my first circle jerk with more then three people and in regards to your comment about the pool picture, most of the naked men were in the pool!!!!! probably over half the pool crowd was naked. it was around 102 degrees!!!!!!! Hope all is well with you

Justin said...

Personal porn time graph...SO TRUE. Most porn is shit.