Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Balls: Dry or Sweaty, Too

It would appear that there is a great level of variety when it comes to how much we guys sweat in and around the crotch. But there are just as many solutions.
Jay shaves his scrotum and trims the rest. That's also part of my solution. Less hair lowers the ambient temps. For me, it also stops the itching. Jay also suggests Tommy Johns briefs.
Anon suggests David Archy "Straight Up" briefs in a micromodal material which will separate the cock from the balls (and comfortably accommodate those spontaneous boners)

Jean writes that reports have suggested antiperspirant. The majority of those, unfortunately, contain all of the ingredients which French Patrick warns us about: "It is necessary to avoid, even to reject those who contain of the triclosan, the paraben or the aluminium salts (the tetrachlorohydrex GLY and the stone of alum being too aluminium salts)."
He also warns us about the micro-modal materials which are supposed to wick away moisture: "I never used the material that wicks away moisture and combats odor, no more in this area than elsewhere. ...
I have learnt recently that these substances are incriminated in the hormonal problems, the reduction in fertility, breast cancer, but also in the development of allergies or neuronal problems."

The most common solution: Commando.

Yet, even that doesn't always solve the problem. Several responses asked about Fresh Balls.
Yes, it is a real product. It works extremely well. Most importantly, it contains none of the paraben or alum which will clog the pores of the skin. Here's the link:
This stuff begins as a cream. You spread a thin layer of it on the scrotum and perineum. It dries to a silky-smooth powder. For those who deal with a sweaty ass-crack - Yep. It works there, too. I use a hair dryer - no heat! - to dry the cream. Depending on how hot and humid it gets, and how profusely one sweats, a re-application at some time during the day may be needed. 
 Before retiring, I stashed a tube in my desk drawer, because unfortunately working naked doesn't seem to be a popular option (dammit!).
Whatever your level of sweaty balls, there's a solution. You won't always find that solution on a store shelf. But, I guess that's what this blog - and others - are for: To help resolve issues like sweaty balls. Drop trou and spread the legs wide to keep good air flow whenever you can.







French Patrick said...

My dear Pat, I see that thanks to you my yesterday's comment has survived to the day of its release date and therefore is valid for today too.
Thus I have nothing more than to wish you a wondrous day with lots of bisous.
To our most precious and irreplaceable Jean, I wish a not less wondrous day with lots of lipsticks (code word for a private joke).

SickoRicko said...

I prefer commando myself.


AH! So many suggestion! Wonderful images too! Have always liked #11 - the guy with the glasses! I'm not going out today! people are coming here. I have been a member of a research group - Ageing & Memory - for 20 years So today there will a special interview and various tasks and tests to round of those 20 years. It will last for 2 - 3 hours. Hope you enjoy the "Packed Lunch"! Also had a very good friend of many years die yesterday.

Jean WM said...

So many interesting comments and some have big problems and others not so much.
Not surprising that these male hygiene products have sprung up, just from reading it seems lack of air circulation is big problem. (So kilts were actually a good idea!). Comfy Boys is another product, and a lot of guys swear by Gold Bond powder.

Not sure how well this works but I did read one guy wears white briefs and pulls his penis and balls through the opening just for separation from his body on hot days. Might just work. Bisous Pat and Patrick

P.s. Patrick you are right, let nature solve this with air circulation.

Mickey Collins said...

Hi Uncle!!
Your comments about sweaty bits prompt me to offer colloidal silver in an atomiser spray bottle. Can be used to irrigate eyes, nostrils, ears, armpits, crack, crotch and foreskin. The antibacterial properties are remarkable, non allergenic and contain no other substances! One remains fresh for at least two days!!
Love & Light
Joburg South Africa

Anonymous said...

comando is the answer