Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Complex Becomes More Simple

Ah, yes...the wonders of the Internet. This is the reason the NY Jacks and the Melbourne Wankers give for the drop in membership and attendance. As Peter Benn, author of the non-fiction book The Versatile Husband, with a blog of the same title, who has been associated with the Melbourne Wankers for about 26 years, wrote: "I suspect this is a result of the internet bringing together men who want to masturbate with each other. It’s now so much easier if you’re a married or ‘curious’ guy to meet up with others via any of the myriad of dating sites."
There's also Grindr, and the like, for quick hook-ups.

Websites such as BateWorld, which has a very large straight membership, where men can meet in Video Chat rooms and whack off together.

While the Internet has made it more acceptable to masturbate in the first place, our digital world has also made it easier for guys to arrange to get together for some mutual enjoyment of the most common activity in the history of humankind.

Many straight/married men loathed the idea of someone they knew seeing them going into a place known for hosting such activities.
Not that you'd find any signs on doors advertising the fact, but word does have a tendency to spread about certain establishments.


Now, they can simply go "hang out with the guys" without the fear of any stigma attached,
without needing to answer a ton of questions about why their car was seen parked there, or why they were seen going in the door. They can just go and enjoy the time with their friends.
 Because, as Benn also wrote: "There is still something very special about being in a room with 15+ other guys, all naked, all with normal average bodies, all keen to touch and play and jack-off each other. For many married men, bi-curious men and some young guys too, such groups are safe half-way houses that offer satisfying eroticism somewhere between straight and the totally gay."



And, a complex issue becomes much more simple.


AOM said...

And that is a very good thing! Thanks bro, for all you do for us - bringing us together. I hope you are having a beautiful bonerific day. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

French Patrick said...

I wondered if the word myriad was not excessive. In the language of every day, in French, we use it to say a vertiginous number, not to say uncountable. Not you? I have conducted my own inquiries and in fact originally, in Antiquity, this Greek numeral meant (and even today means) ten to the fourth power, that is ten thousand. Many Asian cultures (Chinese, Korean, Japanese...) count in myriads and say for example hundred myriads for a million. Conclusion, nope, I don't think that myriad is excessive. And no matter if in fact there is 9999 or 10001 dating sites, this would be excessive.
Thank you for having made me set the record straight (In French we say to have put back my clock at the hour).
I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, as well as to our unforgettable Jean.

Postscript: If you meet Trump, thank him for me for having reassured me. I am glad to see that I was right in what I said to myself: one day without a big bullshit, it is not possible from a twat.


I know that lots of married men used to frequent the gay saunas for an opportunity to jack off with other guys. Great selection of images again. Still wet and cold here. Thanks for your visits and comments!

SickoRicko said...

And fun!

Jean WM said...

Never a Blog where I don't learn something new.

@FP about Trump. He offends some one or group every day. So it's hard to say which offense is most recent. I almost think he has figured out he really doesn't want the job but his ego is too big not to try to win.
So forget politics and enjoy your day tomorrow, bisous to Pat and Patrick

Xersex said...

so true and great and funny pics!
let me add something about masturbation, take a look here
it's so true!!!! (personal experience)