Friday, August 12, 2016

Then There Was This

22! Tonight he goes for number 23. I hope he gets it. It will break yet another record, though already being the most decorated Olympian in the history of the games (including the ancient), I want him to score yet again.
And Manuel - the first black woman to score an individual gold in swimming... I thought for sure she'd won - maybe as Phelps did, by hundreths of a second - but then it turns out to be a perfect tie! So, she shares the Gold. But, still...she's now in the history books.
The women's gymnastics team has done us proud adding to the tally of Gold
And the men's basketball team did as well.
So much to celebrate!
And, then there was this:
"Naked diving is an Olympic event now? — Slacker (@TheRealSlacker)"
"It's so weird for these Olympic divers to dive in the nude. Bravo to NBC figuring out a way to censor the — Sean (@Seanye_West_32)"
Because of photos like this
The links don't work, but, um, really?? Those are only a very tiny sample of the explosion of dismay and disgust on social media. 
Still so sensitive about the male anatomy.

Such a big fuss over something so...common to all men.
(I was going to say 'little', but we guys can be a bit sensitive about the size of our bits. LOL.)
And, I don't get it. Do you?



Yes! Your team has done very well! Congrats! Trust you have a great weekend! My numbers very low yesterday! Guess they are all watching the GAMES!

SteveXS said...

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! And not just the super-USA-centric coverage by NBC. It's amazing to people from all over the world make these extraordinary achievements. If only our social and political interactions matched.

SickoRicko said...

Society is too prudish about the naked body.

Jean WM said...

Great pics! Since women's beach volleyball and men's diving are some of the most popular events, note too they wear the least clothes. I suspect naked diving would go over HUUUGE! Especially since the athlets are in such great form. Go USA! It is nice to be part of the world community focused on sportsmanship. Something Hope Solo may learn as she matures.

Thanks Pat and bisous to Patrick.

French Patrick said...

The French Florent Manaudou ended second (21"41) behind Anthony Ervin (21" 40) for the 50 meters freestyle. A hundredth of second of gap. The score of Florent in semi-final was 21"32. So bad, but what can I say other than congratulations to the American swimmer. And also, otherwise we would maybe have not all the beautiful photos of today.
I wish you a wondrous weekend, mon chéri, as well as to our adorable Jean, with lots of bisous.

Jim said...

I also read an article concerning these images saying that the men were not nude at all. If you check out those photos, you will see that the other men have bathing suits on and sometimes you can a small amount of one showing on the pictures of the nude swimmers.
I do not know the truth; however the banners appearing on the pictures seems to be the normal placement, not unusual ones to hide anything.

whkattk said...

@ JIm - No, they were not nude. It just happened to be where the TV studio placed the info bar on the screen. There were some crazy tweets going out over the pics. Any nudes of the 2016 Rio Olympics have been photoshopped from the Naked Olympics; yep, there is such a thing.