Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Biological Nature of Men

I want to believe that the issue with public figures is that we want to hold them up on those pedestals, wishing them to be more than mere mortals. We know they're human; yet we push those mental images from our minds. Even the infamously "bad boys."

Then, they do something (from the sublime to the ridiculous) to disappoint us and we are quick to grab them by the balls and yank them down.
Sadly, that never satisfies some - and they must grind a heel into the groin for good measure.
At one point, a number of years ago, a politician approached yours truly about running for public office. After some heartfelt discussions with my wife, I declined. We decided I had too many boners in my closet to undergo such scrutiny.
I wonder if we could ever reach the point where we fully accept the Biological Nature of men regardless of their job or station in life.








That this base need is fundamental in all of us.


SickoRicko said...

Great post as usual!

Xersex said...

men accepts easier men. So happy to be gay!


Tell me about it!!!!!!!!!! Great set of guys too, as always. Off to see my doctor this morning! Yes! A few problems!

French Patrick said...

So bad that you have refused this public office. The French Emperor Napoleon III suffered of priapisme, and he was constantly in erection. It was much more that your "too many boners", and that did not prevent him from being one very good Head of State. It is my understanding that JK Kennedy was not suffering an erectile dysfunction. Indeed, there is no shortage of good examples in this respect.
LOL, do you believe that Donald Trump hopes to be your president because he has very few boners? I do not better ask than to believe it but alas I am quite sure.

I wish you a wondrous day, mon chéri, as well as to our wonderful Jean, with too many... No, ney, nope! Nah, man! Many bisous.

Jean WM said...

Playing catchup! So many interesting topics. Pat, I know you feel exposing genitals in your own privacy or between consenting adults should not be a problem but we both know a lot of people just don't agree. Unfortunately they are also in the majority for now. (you're working on that.)

Weiner knows this would certainly embarrass his wife, so even if he didn't have any trouble himself, he just didn't show his wife the respect she deserved. The nudity isn't the problem, and being a public person isn't the problem. MARRIED Weiner was breaking a Vow to honor his wife and to me that is the big problem. He was doing all his stuff with other women. I suspect he made a promise after his last fiasco too. Trust broken, bad for a marriage. Also the internet is a public forum for all to see his poor judgement.

I actually feel somewhat sorry for him, but he's an adult. You've really gotten good comments from all which means you have us thinking. Could be dangerous! Love to you and Patrick.

whkattk said...

@ Jean - Of course, you are right. And that is my follow-up today: Having a bit of common sense! I, too, feel a bit sorry for him - but not as much as I do for his wife, who is trying to concentrate on her job of providing for her family and being distracted by his silliness.

Chris said...

Maybe Huma was too busy working at State and on the Clinton campaign to pay any attention to Anthony Weiner. But if so, he should have studied your blog and learned to release his tension in a non-public fashion. What he did here recently, after all the trouble he had gotten into for sexting with women not his wife while in Congress, is really outrageous.

Anonymous said...

totally agree