Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Complex Yet Simple

Several weeks ago, a reader asked about the percentage of straight men who attend Jack-off Groups, and I promised to do a bit of research for him.
From my own experience: The military circle jerks continued even after most of the guys had married; they didn't cease enjoying being among a bunch of men to engage in a common, mutually pleasurable activity. Don't forget, there's a social component to it, as well.

It was also a time when masturbation needed to be hidden from wives and girlfriends - because they would get jealous. Seriously. Jealous of a guy's own hand.
"Guys Night Out" afforded them the opportunity, whether sitting on the commode or in the shower, to get out of the bathroom.


The group I attended after leaving the military, about 90% were married and self-identified as straight. I asked the Melbourne Wankers, Rain City Jacks, and New York Jacks if they knew the percentages of straight/married guys who attended. The responses hit a wide range. Melbourne Wankers: 40%; Rain City Jacks: 15% - 20%; New York Jacks: 15% - 20%.

Attendance, however, has gone down in recent years, and those are current numbers.



But, I suspect the reason for that is complex, yet quite simple.
The Internet.


French Patrick said...

I was never fascinated by the percentages of this or that, here or there or everywhere.
But if I have an opportunity to make love with a percentage, or at least to see a porn film with somebody fucking one of them or fucked by one of them, I would change maybe opinion.
I am ready, I just wait for an opportunity, but for the moment I don't know how we do that. It is not urgent, but if you know a percentage which is voluntary to take care of my initiation to this sexual practice for making me lose this virginity too (after I don't know how many others), do not hesitate to communicate it my address.

I am not being impatient, and I have time to wish you, mon chéri, as well as to our wonderful Jean, a wondrous day with many many bisous.

Poscript: Today I have not had knowledge of a new bullshit of Trump. Is he just completely out of form? Or more probably, is it a piece of news which did not reach me? It is a strange sensation, I am no longer accustomed to it.

AOM said...

Good research, bro buddy! Let's all just cum together! I hope you are well and having a great day. Hugs, Licks, and Strokes, AOM

Xersex said...

last pics: love the all men atmosphere! 1000% of testosterone!!!


Great selection of images once again! Trust you are keeping relatively well at present and enjoying your Summer. Here today wet and windy, but not so cold!

mistress maddie said...

I have wondered that too. Soon, Im going to check out the Philadelphia Jacks, have studied their website in and out. Will be interesting to see how this goes, and the various lifestyles there.

Jean WM said...

Now that would be an interesting topic, how the internet has changed sexuality. One thing women are really up in arms about is the pressure on them to remove hair around genitals. NYTimes did article and the comments section from hundreds of women laid all the "blame" on internet porn. Do men get the same pressure to shave when they probably wouldn't have in the past?

I do know I have learned lots from Pats blog, and no misinformation. Hugs to PAt and Patrick for all your comments.

SickoRicko said...

Good post!

whkattk said...

@ Jean - I think not only internet porn, but commercials on TV, and ads in magazines have led men to today's standard of grooming. For decades Men's Health magazine (among others) have depicted hunky men with no body hair. Certain sports have also led the way - cycling and swimming in particular. Removing hair (according to a friend who used to bike race) hair can cause wind drag, and in that sport, and swimming, a millisecond can make the difference.

I also think the same is true for women - even more so. Think of the decades of pictures of women in swimsuits, perfectly hairless with their Brazilian grooming in their string bikinis. So, it isn't ALL the fault of porn.